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Male Sexual assault Survivors

Hello! So this might be different, and I guess admins will delete this if it goes against their policy, but…

I fall into the category of the 5 percent of male sexual assault victims. I was wondering if there were any fellas (or ladies) that would be able/willing to help me walk through this. I have been talking to a therapist, but I got to thinking, it would be neat to talk to some other guys about it, due to the fact that I am still processing everything that happened. I was thinking along the lines of a support group through heart support! I know that it takes courage for people to reach out about this topic. I want the guys (and gals) to know that you’re not alone in this. Love you all


Hey garebear,

Thank you for sharing about your experience. I think by the delay in response, you can see that it’s a really tough topic, so I applaud you for your courage.

I know a couple HeartSupport resources off the top of my head that could be of use:

  1. Jake Luhrs (founder of HeartSupport) is a sexual assault victim as well. He wrote about it in his book Mountains, which would be worth a read.
  2. He also recommends to anyone struggling with sexual assault pain in their past to read Rid of My Disgrace

** Now both of these resources have a faith perspective, so if that’s something that you want to stay away from, then maybe those resources aren’t for you. But they are at least a starting place if you’re looking to think through some new perspectives on pain from your past.

It’s awesome that you’re already in therapy and you’re looking for peers to connect with on the topic. Super valuable. Way to go in reaching out, and I hope you find others to connect with over this experience, and I hope if you pursue the resources above that they take you deeper into your healing journey!


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Hello @garebear

Thank you for being vulnerable regarding this topic because too many people hide what happens to them out of shame based upon the topic.

Along those lines…i fall into the category as well of the 5 percent of male sexual assault victims and telling the truth about it hurts. I was shamed by my abuser and the establishment it happened at to keep silent for the longest time.

Keep sharing and supporting friend.

You are loved and respected


Hey @garebear!

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. Because you are open and seeking help, I believe others will be encouraged to as well.

Hold Fast,

I am not a male, however, I am a sexual assault crisis counselor in my state (Connecticut). So, if you want someone to talk to you about it, I wouldn’t mind doing so. I have some training in the problems that male survivors have. I’m no expert, but using my training, I’d love to chat with you about it.

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