Manipulative people around me

Holy. I’m currently stuck between boiling anger and triggered memories. Fun times, ugh.

I will not go into detail for the sake of my friend, but I just got told something that makes my blood boil. She told me about how one of our former friends and classmates has been treating her(I don’t think she realises just how manipulative the whole thing is) and i’m just-wow. I knew that guy was anything but nice but i didn’t expect this. Kinda hurts me too though, since that guy and I practically grew up together and who knows what kind of shit could’ve happened if i accepted his confession, a few years ago.

But this whole situation also triggered memories of mine, where a friend of mine spread lies about things I or my friends supposedly said. She manipulated people into breaking up the friendship with me, so I only had her. And it would’ve almost worked too, if my back then best friend and I wouldn’t have actively talked about it and cleared these lies and rumours between us.

Fuck, I want to cry and hit something.


Fuck, I want to cry and hit something.

Cry if you need it. Scream if you need it. Tear of pages of paper if you need it. Punch in a pillow (on your bed or a sofa) if you need it. Your emotions are valid. You are allowed to express them. Just do it safely, in a healthy way, so you make sure not to turn it against yourself.

I’m with you. We’re all with you. Be safe, friend. :hrtlegolove:

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