Marijuana Induced Seizures or something else?

Hello so I’ve used Marijuana vape carts for some time and now as of late when I inhale it I get strong visual, taste, smell and I think possibly auditory hallucinations as I hear people walking and playing around but I do live with others and it almost feels like I’m drowning or my lungs are going numb and I start loosing consciences and my heart feels like its slowing down and pounding really hard and my head starts heating up while this is happening its really hard to get up and when I do get up I feel like I’m going to fall and I’m dizzy this goes on for hours and can even proceed for days I cannot sleep and the sleep I do get is short lived everyone I’ve talked to about this says they do not get this or ever experience it I am diagnosed with autism which is why I’ve tried to use it and I’ve always had hallucinations with weed but there proceeding to get worse and now even without using the cart I experience some visual hallucinations from time to time usually when I jump for example the fire alarm goes off I will get the visuals for a min or 2 till I calm back down this is scaring me I’m wondering what this could be and if it could be permanent or just temporary
Its scary and I don’t like talking to people which is why I’m posting here.
I’m not sure if I can talk about this here so sorry if I couldn’t my bad.
Also the visuals are shapes and they take up my whole vision weather my eyes are open or close.


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Since these hallucinations seem very strong, I do not believe I (and some others on this forum) have the capacity to help you here. I highly suggest taking this up with a doctor or other medical professional. I understand that you might not want to talk to people, but your health comes first. I hope this gets better.



I don’t believe the chemistry involved with such products is consistent, and may not be safe. I don’t believe there is any kind of official oversight to ensure product safety.

The symptoms you describe suggests that you are heading towards a crisis. Get in touch with your health provider or therapist immediately. The only way to know if the symptoms are permanent or not is to stop using the marijuana for a while, but I think in order to do that, you need to be under medical supervision. I don’t believe your situation will improve unless you get help.


People respond differently to various chemicals. I know myself that I used to get paranoid at times and have panic attacks. A very bad episode lead me to stopping.
Do you think that you’re wanting to look into discussing this with a professional as others have suggested?
Of course we have no judgements here, just a want for your safety. X

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As @ManekiNeko said, we all respond differently to different chemicals. Furthermore, our body’s reaction to different chemicals can change over time, like developing food allergies later in life.

Finally, like @Wings said, you never know what’s in those cartridges. Personally, I trust the cartridges less than the plants. It could be a cannabis tincture, or it could be a synthetic. Synthetics were outlawed a few years ago because they were causing brain damage and death (and seizures), but people still make them in back rooms. I don’t think your local head shop is malicious, but I also wouldn’t call them reputable. They don’t know what they’re purchasing any more than you do. All they have to go on is the word of the manufacturer. Whether or not the manufacturer is being honest about their cartridges, they’re not running a charity, they’re out to make money.

You’re bringing up serious health concerns. I’d quit vaping for awhile. I’d encourage you to quit THC use altogether for awhile, but that’s up to you. If you can’t get through life without THC, try edibles if they’re available, or try good old fashioned weed, but stop for a month if you can manage, and definitely stop vaping.

Also, like Wings said, go see a doctor. Doctors are only required to report you to authorities if you are an imminent danger to yourself or others, i.e. intent on causing bodily harm. They’re not there to judge you, they’re there to help you. Their first priority is to keep you alive and well, not to preach. If a smoker goes in with pneumonia, the doctor may tell them it’s related to smoking, but ultimately they will do their job and treat the pneumonia.