MarkosModernLife Fan #2

I feel like I never belong anywhere. Even people I thought would understand still don’t seem to get me. I wish I could find someone like me who would me feel like I’m home.

It’s so hard to feel like there’s nowhere that you belong…it feels like such a simple thing, which is part of the reason it’s so painful…it feels like everyone else in the world belongs – even people who seem harder to understand / crazier / whatever than you…so it makes you feel like something’s royally and permanently broken with you if people just can’t seem to understand who you are and accept you that way…and gosh, I’m so sorry friend that you’re feeling in that place. I remember feeling similarly in my life, and it was a dark pit I almost got lost in. Hopefully for a moment I can tell you: I see you, and I understand (at least partially) what you’re going through…you’re not crazy for wanting to be seen. And I hope for a moment you can feel that today so that you can have hope that it’s not true. Thank you for sharing your heart