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If I disappeared I don’t think anyone would care, try to reach out or look for me.

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That could all change tomorrow. How actively are you engaging in life? Work? Church? I know I’m not the most religious person, but I’ve considered finding a local church to attend just for the simple fact that community is such a priority at most congregations and if you read between the lines, the message behind most sermons is just to live an honest life and there’s nothing wrong with that. Loneliness and the feeling of not leaving an impact around me still plague my everyday so I’m no one to give advice. But the fact that something like Heart Support exists has given me hope lately. I know there’s someone who you engage with who would notice your absence. I know in a week and after that, even if you don’t respond, I’ll wonder what ever happened to the individual who posted this post. And that’s not nothing.

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Marko, please believe me when I say that, those thoughts and feelings that you’re experiencing are 1) valid, but also, lies.

We feed ourselves these heavy lies- that we are alone, unwanted, and unloved. We tend to see ourselves through lenses of our failures, but please believe that you are so deeply loved and needed. Your life has so much value, and so much purpose. Your pain matters, and it also has a shelf life. Things can, and will get better. You matter, friend. Please don’t disappear. This world is in chaos right now, and sometimes it feels like it’s a disasterous place, but you know what- it’s a whole lot better with you in it. You are needed, you are valued. You are not alone.

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Hey Brother,

What sort of beliefs do you have that dictate your daily actions? What beliefs do you have that gives you purpose in your life?

At times like the one you are going through right now, it is important to find a quiet place and evaluate the beliefs you have in life. Beliefs that we have dictate how we view the world and ultimately tell us what kind of life we are going to have. If you can take time to meditate on what your current beliefs (I am not just talking about religion, but how you see the world and life in general), you might find there are some harmful or not useful beliefs that are causing you to ultimately feel the way you do now.

Know that we love you here at HeartSupport and you have a community here that is rooting for your success. Love you, Brother. Stay strong!

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I feel alone, I feel like I have no one. I reach out to people to see how they are, to talk to them but I get nothing in return, no one texts me and sees how I am, to see if I’m ok or anything like that so it would just be easy just to disappear and no one would care…

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