Masturbation dilemma

Hi guys! So, I know many of you are religious and so am I but I’m kinda wondering what is your opinion on masturbation because to be honest I’m kinda confused. And I’m not talking about watching porn or any of that. I’m talking about something many doctors claim is perfectly natural for us. I know that it is something we are not expected to do from religious perspective if you like. On the other hand, it probably is true that masturbation as an act is something rising from our nature. Some might even say that it is some kind of “need” of our body…we need to eat, we need to drink and we possibly need to realease this sexual tension. So, is there anything bad about masturbation as an act? Again, do not look for anything dirty behind it (e.g. pornoghraphy, online sex videos etc). What is your perception? Thanks for your answers!


Hi Adam,
I this is a good post as we are often scared to talk about this topic.

I think masturbation is pretty natural and I honestly do it frequently. As experts say, it’s natural and helps a lot with tiredness, anxiety and other stuff. As many others I do it for relaxation purposes, but there are still some complaints I have with it. Pornography is not good, especially when it comes to hardcore stuff (seriously, there are some horrible videos out there), and it can become toxic. I don’t think it’s a big deal if someone watches a soft core vid or something, but there are a lot of people who are sadly addicted to that stuff and it’s not good. Addiction is bad, always.

Since you also talked about religion, I don’t think there’s written in the Bible something like “do not masturbate”. As far as I know, there is some reference to it, very little though, and if I remember correctly the meaning behind is to “keep it clean”. I believe it was popular at that time too, but since they had their traditions and stuff, they had to clean everything properly (clothes, place, hands, etc) after doing it. Since I know very little about it, don’t take this as completely true as I might be wrong.

Anyway, I believe that masturbating is good if it’s done responsibly. And I think no one should be ashamed of doing it.

Curious to know how you feel about it

Pioggia :sunflower:

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Hey Adam!
So the best i can tell you is that yes we all have our “needs” of the body. We all get certain feelings and such. But we were made for more. This is something i struggle with. I am tempted many times. When i used to, i felt empty. There was a part of me that wasn’t really complete. I know it doesn’t say a whole lot about masturbation in the Bible, but it does say that we are called to be holy. So i guess what one has to think- “is masturbating going to make me holy or not?” For me, that answer is no because we are made for true love. Not tolerance.
Our bodies are made to glorify God, if you don’t think something will honor God then you shouldn’t do it. Hope this helps!


Hi Adam!
I would say that it depends entirely what you believe. If you believe in God and are trying to follow Christ, then I would say that what nessdaniels said was perfectly put. If you find yourself not believing in God, then I would see no real reason to worry about it except addiction. It can easily lead to addiction and those dirtier things you mentioned like porn and whatnot. Ultimately it is between you and God. Try getting am answer from Him and see what He wants you to do about it.
Also, I mean no offense to frapioggia. You can still believe on God and believe masturbation is good, it is just a matter of opinion.
Hope this helps.

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Hello. How you been? Thank you for sharing. It is not an easy topic to talk about because it is divided. Some say masturbation is a sin, and some say it isn’t. I masturbate too, so I am on the same boat as you are. What I can say is it is your decision. Everyone has different convictions. Don’t let it be the center of your life. Porn is not real. It gives you an unrealistic expectations of sex. It did that to me. I never had sex, however, I do want it and need it. But I have to be patient. I am almost a week porn free. Thank God. I believe in sex in marriage, and loving the spouse. Your sexuality is a gift, a friend, and don’t see it as an enemy. Live a healthy lifestyle.