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I feel like my mental illness isn’t depression but bipolar and my doctor and therapist I told them and they brushed it off

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Have you explained why you think you have BPD? It’s good to give examples and reasons why you think you may have a diagnosis. Helps them to better understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes having a family member also helps to have there and back up the suggestion. Having them help explain why they feel you have it.

You definitely can’t base it just by what you read online. It’s too easy to compare symptoms to illnesses online and miss diagnose. So it’s better to have a really good understanding of what you suspect could be an issue. And have notes to share . My partner and I started writing down a detailed medical document where I keep a history of my medications as well as my symptoms. I mark down dates and as much information as I can so that my doctors have something to look at. It really really help.

It may be worth talking to a second doctor for a second opinion. Doctors can sometimes be wrong. But if several dont think you have it, maybe it’s something else and you don’t realize it. So just be really open with your doctors about your symptoms and how often they occur. How it feels. How long it lasts. Etc etc .

Good luck friend

I told my doctor what symptoms I been feeling and my therapist said you should talk to your doctor about it. He wants me to keep track of my symptoms to help rule out or diagnosed bipolar

Oh, well that’s a start. I know it can feel like it’s being brushed off. I can understand that.
But a lot of health issues both physical and mental share the same symptoms. So they can easily be miss diagnosed. So tracking the symptoms is a great way to help your doctor better diagnose that for you.

They don’t mean to make you feel brushed off. They just want to diagnose you properly and sometimes to do that, taking the necessary steps can take a while.

Been there. I spent a year fighting doctors about my health issues. They always defaulted to “it’s stress” or “exercise more”

So I had to write a document up tracking everything to shove in their face later.

It’s all we can do. But I hope they are able to figure it out so that you can be treated in the best way possible <3

Man, sucks to feel like you’re trying to open up about your struggles, trying to be vulnerable about something that you fear is inside of you, and to be totally invalidated by them brushing you off sucks…it feels like they’re doubting your intelligence or your ability to know yourself, and it feels arrogant that they’d know you better – or at least that they wouldn’t even allow you to have a voice. Feels defeating to be in the hands / at the mercy of people who don’t value your input as you’d hope.

Sorry to hear that friend…

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I called my therapist today and told them the next appointment to go over the bipolar assessment with me


Good for you, man. Glad you’re sticking up for your own voice!

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I’m sorry. That really sucks. I’m praying that you find compassionate support from your community and the mental health care workers you deal with. Hang in there!

Thanks I am really trying to hang in there

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