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School has become daunting and overwhelming. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, but just recently it’s gone from bad to worse… I’ve reached out to friends but they don’t seem to care all that much…

hey man thank you for opening up and just being real. When i was in college there was a point I really felt no one cared and I was alone. It took me just reaching out and being with right person that was the right thing to help me. But to not get the help can be really rough. I want you to know HeartSupport is a great place to reach out and get help.

go to this will get you 7 Free days of counseling on us!

I want you go get the right help you need a friend. If you need someone to talk to hit me up on discord. would love to talk and be an ear.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
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Thank you for the encouragement. I know I need to seek help as I haven’t been improving in the past few weeks, but I’m scared to reach out. I’ve never been one to be open about my feelings and mental health. Even when I was being severely bullied when I was younger I would pretend to be fine… I don’t know why I’m so hesitant, but I’m trying to gain the courage to speak up.

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I totally get how you’re feeling. I struggled with depression and anxiety throughout school, and it constantly had me stressed out and trapped in a deep hole. But I promise things are gonna get better. You’re stronger than you know.

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