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It’s a consistent daily feeling. Even when surrounded by friends and family.

Man, that’s the most brutal type of loneliness…to feel like you have all of these people around you yet none of them see you / know you / truly connect with you…it’s like you’re invisible…to be surrounded yet disconnected destroys the hope that if you could just change your circumstance that things would be better…it forces you to feel like the problem is you and not your surroundings…which makes you feel worthless and hopeless too…that the loneliness isn’t something you can solve, which compounds the depth of the pain…and that is a brutal pain. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that, friend. I myself know that pain all too well, and I want to encourage you: I see you – even if it’s just this fraction that you opened up here…I see you. Thank you for your courage. You matter.


PS there’s a video from the lead singer of The Devil Wears Prada that reminds me of your post…check it out if you’d like for some extra encouragement:

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You’re never alone. Dont let your feelings tell you otherwise. You’re surrounded by people who care - all you have to do is reach out. We’re here for you. Always. You are important. You are loved.