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Meant to be admitted. I'm terrified


Life has recently been pretty tough and I’ve slipped into a fairly deep depression

My therapist wants me to be admitted to a mental rehab facility, just to let me have a chance to clear my mind and try rectify who and where I am.

It’s not the fear of being judged or anything, I’ve just always hated any sort of hospital, and I’m terrified of going to this one.
Its a great facility, but I really don’t wnat to go.

I don’t know if I’m resisting cause of my depression or if I’m just having my usual hospital fear come out. :frowning:

Anyone been here? Anyone gone through with a clinic and felt that it was worth it/not worth it?


Hey paganlace,

from my experience I can say, the longer I resisted such clinics or facilities, the more difficult it becomes.
If you have help from therapists, use it. If he recommends a clinic, look at it. Nobody can force you into something you do not want.
a try is worth it or not? :slight_smile:


I never would get help, but it just kept getting worse and worse. Now I have ways to cope and have counseling dont feel judge sometimes you gotta help yourself


Hi guys.

Writing from inside the health facility. This was so worth it. I will be here a short time but the chance to break away and have forced phone-down time is invaluable.

Thanks to XHorizons for helping push me to go.


Yes! I have been there my friend. It’s okay to need a safe place where you can just get away, heal and take a breath.

A handful of months ago my therapist recommended me the same thing. She sent me straight to the hospital to be admitted for inpatient care for a little while.

Sometimes we need it. I hate hospitals too. I am weary of doctors and their attitude towards me. But do not be afraid to take this step. It’s nothing bad. It’s very good. And you may find that you appreciate the chance to just recoup.

It can be scary. Trust me I know. But give it a try. You may be grateful for it.

I won’t lie I’ve had bad experiences with some hospitals. But there are good doctors, nurses and hospitals out there. Not all are bad. Just the same that not all people are bad. Give it a chance.

It’ll let you just be away from the outside world for a little bit while you recharge. :heart:

And we will be here to support you along the way!

  • Kitty