Medical Marijuana

I have PTSD and I have a hard time controlling my responses. I also have insomnia and have trouble controlling it because most prescription meds don’t work well. I was thinking of looking into getting a medical marijuana card, although that probably won’t happen for at least a couple of months. I was just wondering if anyone here has used Medical Marijuana (not recreational) and what your experience is/was like with it? I’m not asking for opinions from people who are against it and haven’t used it. I realize you mean well by trying to list the negatives and why you’re against it. I would like actual experiences, if anyone here is comfortable sharing them

Thank you


Hey there,

I wouldn’t say I am really for or against medical marijuana (or really marijuana in general), I am just relatively certain it would not work well for me. I have friends who smoke marijuana because they deal with things like Anxiety, PTSD, chronic issues, depression, etc. (the list goes on forever) and they all swear by it. The thing that matters to me is that they feel like it is helping them; that is enough for me. I am originally from California where marijuana was legalized and there were dispensaries everywhere, so it was not nearly as big of an issue as it was in other places. All I can really say is do your research. If you are aware of the possible negative effects as well as the possible positive effects and you think it is worth trying, then by all means see how it goes. If you don’t enjoy it or if it does not work for you, then stop. If it works for you, then imagine how different things will be.

Sorry I don’t have any personal experiences to share with you. All I can recommend is that you do your research and make a decision with as much information as you can. I have had friends (mostly the ones who were in the military at some point) who have had great experiences with marijuana as a self-treatment for their PTSD, and I have had friends who said it made them infinitely more anxious and it was an overall bad time. I am not sure if you would really know which experience you would have without trying it, but you have to decide if the possible bad is worth the possible good.


I used CBD for several months while trying to deal with anxiety. I’m not sure about marijuana but there are some studies, I believe for CBD and PTSD. This is all very new research, so there isn’t much. I’d imagine that you’d find some research with regard to marijuana and PTSD too.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Peace


I have PTSD and I loved my card, the dispensaries are always super friendly and the medical marijuana really has helped my symptoms. There are different strains that work best for certain things, when you receive your certification please discuss that with them as they are able to break down the different strains etc. Dispensaries also if you tell them what you need it for they will also be able to suggest strains that may help as well. Some people have had negative experiences with medical marijuana so it may not work for you, it all depends on how your body will react to it etc. Every person is different


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