Meditation 4/2

After discuss with my therapist Wednesday night we decided I should do a pre and a post journal on days that I meditate and on my off days to just record how I’m feeling the next day. So.

Today I’ve been pretty anxious about not effectively communicating the boundaries I have with myself to another person. For example putting myself first and making sure I don’t slip back into old habits and become toxic. I felt like I didn’t explain that well enough to a potential partner and had to restate and explain in a different way. And I followed up with what I was afraid of. I was afraid of not communicating effectively causing this person to feel like I was pushing them away and in turn end with them leaving. Big jump I know, but that’s what anxiety is. More simply put, I’m afraid of abandonment while I heal.

Hopefully today’s meditation session will help finish resolving my anxious feeling and help with some inner peace. I do feel better having talked through my anxiety with this potential partner and don’t feel any judgement or resentment.



Today’s meditation was “10-minute meditation for anxiety” by goodful on YouTube.

Pros: soothing music and voices, focusing on deep breathing, did help me finish relaxing and examine the last bit of anxiety

Cons: YouTube has placed 3 ads in the middle of the meditation, could have longer silence periods, more deep breathing

Overall feeling much more relaxed and better about the situation. I’ll come back tomorrow afternoon for an update on lasting effects.



Cons: YouTube has placed 3 ads in the middle of the meditation

Freaking ads… :woman_facepalming:

Proud of you for meditating and journaling about this experience. There are so many ways to approach meditation but it’s exciting to explore and learn to find what will resonate with your heart.

In case you want to try, there is a meditation exercise/video that was done by our wonderful sunshine @taylorpalmby. It’s available here on the Support Wall:

No obligation and no pressure by the way. Just letting you know there’s this video here.

May this journey be fulfilling and nurturing to you, to your heart and to your soul. You’re wonderful and seeing you sharing this is inspiring. :hrtlegolove:


@Micro I’ll definitely check it out! And yea the ads were in the most inconvenient spots :woman_facepalming:t3:

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This is great @Newt_willow

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