Meds are a Nuisance!

Why can’t i remember to take my meds day in and day out. I have alarms, a huge pill case, and even stickers. I still cant keep up on them. Luckily no major breakdown, but mild depressions and upswings. Some days I think I literally need a nurse or something.


Hi grandmastrqueen. I completely understand that keeping up with pills can be annoying. Sometimes when my schedule is somehow broken or altered it can be problematic for me too. Here are a couple of ideas I have for you: 1. Put your pills on the clothes you are gonna wear the next day. You always have to get dressed so you wount miss it. 2. Put your pills in a box with your snack. When it’s time for you to eat, you will remember to take the pills. 3 What is the thing you usually do first when you wake up or the last thing before you go to sleep. If it’s drinking coffee, then put your pill near that. If it’s washing your teeth then put them near your teeth brush.
I hope some of these help you to keep up with your medication. I know it’s annoying but meds are important so keeping up with them is something you want to do. Hang in there grandmastrqueen :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @grandmastrqueen! Thanks for sharing this. I’m new to the meds game myself and I can totally empathise, it is rough keeping it up. I’m tracking things on an app with my phone and like you I’m using alarms. I find that getting the timing wrong can make things much harder for no reason, so it’s very good that you’re sharing this and trying to work it out. :heart:

Ashwell raised some good points! Setting habits and remembering to do things can be easier when you couple them with other things that you’re used to doing. That can be anything, like placing them with your clothes or coffee, or with anything that is part of your regular routine. In general if you put them in a place where they’re certain to be seen, that could help. As for the alarms, do you find yourself turning them off and then getting distracted before you get to the meds? Maybe a second check-in alarm would be helpful for that, or maybe treating the alarm like it’s saying “I must go do this right now, don’t do anything else first” could help to get it done.

Do you have problems with remembering to do other things too? This could possibly be something worth sharing with your doctor. They’ll be able to offer the best advice, as I’m sure they’ve been able to help people with this sort of thing before.

Hang in there, you’re doing great! Thanks again for sharing friend.


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