Melissa Cross and Therapist react to Sound of Silence by Disturbed

David’s interpretation of Simon & Garfunkel’s warning of an increasingly de-sensitized society (over 50 yrs. ago and even worse in 2024) is moving, emotional and carries an impact…

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Watch the Live “Conan” version of this… it’s amazing

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Please react to “wrong side of heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch

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I am too lazy to browse through all comments and I just recently discovered your channel. I appreciate your content and the way you produce your videos (not to let that aside). Please keep up with what you are doing on YT an in real life. Maybe the linked piece is a bit too much to dig into them, but have a look into Nightwish (symphonic metal if you want to put a name on name it). This piece in particular is very interesting for you I guess. I’ll spare you with details in case you are aware, if you are not, I’d recommend to investigate a little bit before watching this: Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum (live)

p.s.: Always choose live recordings for Nightwish, it is music in the end and they are even better live than on studio recordings.

I’ve loved disturbed for so long and the original tune. Never been a fan of covers but this I always thought was incredible. It’s actually reconfirmed me alone and darkness. Didn’t help me just something to relate to for extreme MH problems. Hopeless