Mental breakdown

This past weekend was a mental health recovery kind of weekend with some friends camping without electricity and water and our phones. Recently my primary doctor put me on anti-anxiety/ panic attack medication. Last night I consumed too much alcohol and my medication doubled the affect of the toxins. I had been drunk before but last night scared the shit out of me cause I had the worst panic attack and anxiety and breakdown. Thank God my best friends were around and took action to spend an hour calming me down. Scary part was the endless sobbing, breathing issues, and breakdown. Every wall of my mind came down and I admitted the darkest parts of my heart about feeling completely unloved and beyond lonely. I took a leap and asked my roomate/best friend for him to hold me as I sobbed and his warm embrace and reflecting his breathing habits allowed me to calm down to a point. Today I feel like crap and I know I cannot ever have alcohol again. Just thinking


Hey @blacklink13x! Thanks for posting, friend. Alcohol and medication can definitely be a tricky combo. Some side effects of consuming alcohol while on medication can be feeling the power of alcohol hit you tenfold. If I’m ever socially drinking with friends, I always keep in mind to half my total “normal” limit, because I, too, am on medication. If you consume alcohol, just remember to drink responsibly. :slight_smile: You’ll get through this! I believe in you.

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Hey @Eric

Thank you for the encouragement…it scared me because i never hit that level of drunkenness before and it scared my friends as well. I feel guilty for what happened and keep apologizing to my friends about the weekend. I know now my limit or consider none at all from now on. It is depressing how much medication makes things worse instead of better.

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