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Mental discoveries..? (also update)

Just an update:

I have to turn in my laptop tomorrow. So I won’t be able to be on here very much, if at all…

some good updates though:

I think, after a lot of research, I might have some sort of high-functioning autism!

I really feel like I have a ton of the symptoms and if I do have it it’d explain a lot about me

for example I’m pretty sure my NT masking is why I’ve felt really misunderstood for the last couple of years, and it was this same masking that I think has caused my identity crisises over the years!

idkkk it’d just make a lot of sense if I did have it, if you know what I mean~

anywho I hope you’re all doing well!



Welcome aboard. I have ADHD

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so do I! :smiley: wow that’s so cool we have so much in common /pos


Yo since you got ur laptop possibly taken I’ll send the text I had sent you in dms here. Hoping you can stay in touch!:

Oh no! If you turn in your laptop if there another place you can contact on? Oh geez :frowning:

That’s great youre feeling yourself again, I guess we will see if it’s the meds. I know sometimes people get misdiagnosed for ADHD when it’s actually Asperger’s. Or they have both ADHD and Asperger’s, and when you get on meds your autistic traits show up more. I know I need to get an evaluation for autism spectrum as an adult because whenever I take ASD tests I score high for it. Anyways I’m glad you’re finding yourself, let this summer be a healthy one for you!

I wish your parents let you have you own tablet to use, in this day and age you can’t just keep your child from technology, as this is the main form of communication kids have now, and the internet is one of the only places to get help outside of the house when you don’t have a car. If you have any other device, like a Nintendo switch or any gaming console, there are ways to get into communication. If you have a discord I can contact there if you have the account username. You can even go to libraries and log into there if you need to.

Anyhow, I’m glad you’re finally figuring yourself out! And we hope you can get the help you need soon (and also good places to communicate).

Really hoping you can keep in touch

-System IDD

P.S. I just want to say don’t let people think you’re weird for being neurodivergent and thinking differently, because it is just that, we think differently, we aren’t weird, we are just our own society of people, and we shouldn’t have to be forced into the neurotypical social roleplay box that they take so seriously, they aren’t the only group of people on this planet, and who’s to say if they’re even “normal”. Essentially, don’t let people put you in a conformity box of “Normalcy”, ecspecially when it comes to medications. We are all people, we all have our ups and downs, we all function differently. We shouldn’t have to repress who we are, we are us. Acceptance goes a long way.


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