Mental escape after sports is gone

So I grew up without a father sadly he passed away when I was baby. Pretty much grew up independently as my mom was my only supportive fkgure regardless lf I had a dtep father in the picture. As i grew up I utiilized sports as an escape and it worked but as soon as I arrived home the depression hit. Baseball ended for me post college after I suffered a terrible injury now I feel hopeless and I have gained weight which is not helping. I often try to just not let it faze me it will work for a few days but than I hit a bad streak. Maybe i need a new hobby or just workout as if I am going play again.

Hey love! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feelings with us. I think that finding a balance would be great for you. What are you passionate about? Or whats something you have always wanted to try? Maybe you can start there. Also you should definitely continue to work out it can be not only good for your body physically but also great for your mental health.

I was in a similar situation growing up. Baseball ended for me my senior year as I had a pretty gnarly ankle break.

I started playing beer league co-ed softball a few years after hanging them up. I loved it and I ended up meeting my wife there.

In the past few years my daughter started playing so I started coaching. I realized I prefer baseball over softball so I joined an adult baseball league this year, then Covid happened.

Get a hitting net and/or a pitch-back net, some arm bands, and a bucket of balls. I do a baseball-centric workout a few days a week. Make sure your utilizing good technique but for me, pitching balls is pretty cathartic. Nothing beats squaring up a baseball either.

All the best

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