Mentally and physically breaking

2020 is trying it’s hardest to break me. i am out with a tear in my labral And NOW my wife is in the hospital due to here blood pressure being 210 over 175…or something like that. I know it was high… 2020. please stop. I don’t know if i can take much mentally or physical I am on the edge i am trying to stay strong for 3 kids. But i don’t how i am going cook and wash cloths with only 1 arm being useable at this time… or how long the wife is going be in the hospital. I am stuck at home left along with just the thoughs in my head. and i am breaking fast.


O wow I am so sorry to hear all the stress in your life! That sounds like a lot all at once on top of all the rest of the craziness of this year. Hopefully they can treat your wife with BP meds? In the meantime, maybe think about quick meal options like PB&J or grilled cheese or canned soup? Try not to put pressure on yourself to “cook” meals. I don’t know how old your kids are but can they help you with any of the tasks? Small kids can help you with the laundry and while they might not fold things that well, they at least have 2 hands to work with.

Take some deep breaths friend and whatever is the best you can do right now is the best you can do. Please don’t put pressure on yourself to do the work of yourself AND your wife - which would be hard enough if you had both arms to work with but in your condition sounds downright impossible. Hoping the best for you and a quick recovery for your wife and healing for your labral tear.

thank you ya my daughter 11 so she was a big help today. with her i got walmart pizza and 3 loads of laundray done. and my 8 years old son got dishes done and help pick him and his little brother cloths out


O good - I’m so happy to hear that!

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