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Meow Miao

Negative thought patterns are coming back again for me. I’ve identified that it’s mostly because I’m tired and life is becoming mundane again.

Relationship is hard to manage, I def have some deep seeded abandonment issues. I’ve been trying to kill my constant near for reassurance in a romantic relationship but sometimes it comes lashing out. Sometimes it hurts too. Hope I find the middle point soon.

Life is pointless directionless filled with more mundane moments than happy moments.

As long as I got life love and faith , I can take it one day at a time. Hope I get through this alright.

Sometimes coming to this forum negatively impacts my mental state instead of improving it. Reading all these post about others situations just makes me think how right they are.

I belive its human nature to shine the light on the darkness more than the light, its why we always focus on the bad part of others and ourselves.

Some of these post about all the bad things happening in pal’s life tells me I got it much better, yet the post sounding so logical tells me they are right too, does life actually get better?

What exactly is the point of all this? Why? I already know there is no answer , you gotta find you own.

Some of these post are so logical about why there is no meaning, sometimes I find myself agreeing with them.

Even if I picked up a hobby, it’s just meaningless activites used to fill time till we die, pointless in a way

One day at a time, these are just stray thoughts, signing off


From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! I think reading the forum with other people’s struggles won’t help you. Listening to this podcast I’m going to send it a very good idea it’s called the Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial he goes through all the struggles of life and how to help overcome them: ‎The Mindset Mentor on Apple Podcasts you can also find it on Facebook and Youtube. He’s helped thousands of people overcome their struggles with this podcast.

From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, Just! I’m always glad to see you around here but I think reading other people’s posts right now may be doing a disservice to your own mental health. I want to encourage you to go read some uplifting stories instead. Have you heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul? They are a bunch of books of real and inspiring stories and they may be the kind of thing you need in your life right now. They also have a podcast.

I’m glad that you feel able to take life one day at a time by focusing on life, love, and faith. Those are definitely good things to be holding on to to help you persevere.

I belive its human nature to shine the light on the darkness more than the light, its why we always focus on the bad part of others and ourselves.

I think that you are seeing this differently than the way I view it. Shining a light on the darkness is trying to see the good in others and ourselves despite the bad that may be front and center. At least in my opinion. I usually try to see past the parts of someone that I initially see that may make me dislike them to understand their motivations and the spirit that lies within them. It is great way to look at people and the world. And a great way to look at ourselves.

I also think you are wonderful at writing. Have you tried writing anything before? Maybe that could be the hobby you pick up even if it is just to fill time. Write poetry or a story. Write your story. Write fantasy or adventure. Find a tree and write everything you observe about it or anything else in the world. I bet you would be able to make some very lovely stories and creations if you were to try and I hope you do and come share some of them with us. I know I for one would love to read a fiction or observation you’ve written just as much as I enjoy reading these posts about your life.

One day at a time. Keep swimming, friend :hrtlegolove:

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, negative thoughts are a real issue for many of us and of course they hit us when we are at our weakest, like you say either life is getting boring or we are tired, lonely or sad, they all come flooding in and its so hard to keep them from overwhelming you. One thing I will say is, if reading other peoples problems has a negative effect on you in those moments (and I understand why you might think that it could have had the opposite effect) then perhaps it would be an idea to try reading just positive things at those times. Also one of the things I have learned lately is how we have these thoughts but we just have to realise that they are just that! they are thoughts. we can have them and move along, you dont have to be your thoughts. recognise it only as “just a thought” I think things like this takes practice when you are used to being a certain way, its something I myself am working on too. I read a lot of posts on this forum and yes there are a lot of logical and heart breaking posts here but there are also some wonderful posts of success and happiness, there may not be as many of those but they shine through and the wall lights up when they arrive. Try shining that light on some of those positive moments instead of the bad ones, they can take care of themselves. You are gonna be ok, as you say, one day at a time friend. we are with you too. Much Love Lisa xx

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