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Someone is messaging me online and asking for money. This is the first time I have encountered this situation. The person says that he comes from a poor family and is starting a farm. This has been going on since April and I don.t know what to do. It has hindered me in that I cannot perform tasks very well as this situation is weighing heavily on my mind. My dad has found out about this and told me to block or ignore the person, but yet I keep chatting with the person.


Hi Friend, Thank you for your post.

I think we are all aware of what a dangerous place the internet can be. Of course it can be wonderul too but there are people out there that will take any opportunity and use any platform to attempt to take advantage of a kind soul and that sounds very much like you.

Of course there is the possibility that this person does come from a poor family and that indeed is sad in which case it would be a good thing that they are encouraged to put starting a farm on hold and perhaps focus on finding work until they can afford to live their dream.

Your Dad is correct, it really is not a good idea to give out money to anyone online. No friend is going to keep asking for money from you. Please be careful and keep your Dad informed with what is going on. Things are not always as they seem.

You are a kind, thoughtful person. Thank you for being you.
Lisalovesfeathers. x


As Lisa said, there are a lot of people out there who do try to take advantage of people. It could start with something small and then it gets more and more. Even with good friends I’ve made online I’ve always made it a point to never exchange money.
You should never feel guilted or pressured into giving to someone. It’s so good you were able to talk to your dad about it. And as Lisa also said, try to keep him informed about what’s happening with this person

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Should I report or block him if he continues to ask?


Should I report or block him if he continues to ask?

You should definitely block that person, because what you describe sounds like a scam. They will constantly bring up arguments for you to convince to help them. It’s very kind of you to care, but whenever someone asks you for financial help online, it’s important to be very careful because a lot of people don’t have good intentions like you.

If this is happening on a social media platform like Discord, Facebook, etc., you can surely report them too. Generally there are contacts forms to report scamming accounts. Take a screenshot of all your conversations, keep their username, then block them and report them. That’s what you should do right now. :hrtlegolove:


Hi @Ed495

Hope you are well? I just wanted to check in on you to see how things were going with regards to this situation.
I understand it would have been difficult but did you manage to block this person so that they were not bothering you anymore?
I hope all is going well and that now you have a clear mind and no one dragging you down or asking you for money. Please feel free to stay around at heartsupport if you want to talk to people we have streams regularly on twitch where we meet up and chat about all sorts of things. it would be nice to see you there. I will pop a link below.
Take care for now. Lisalovesfeathers. x

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Reported the user to the sit I’m using to talk with him, but haven’t gotten a response. I am still in contact with him and don’t know if I block him that he will be able to create another account. The person said they will pay me back, but I’m not sure how my parents would respond as my dad knows about this and told me to block or ignore him.


I am very late to this, but i was browsing the forum and thought this one was interesting and very important. This is 100% a scam. That person messaging you is doing whatever they can to get money from you. DO NOT give them anything. They are a random person online who you have NO IDEA who they are. DO NOT give them any more of your time. PLEASE PLEASE IGNORE THEM. It is dangerous. They will try to get information from you and they will pretend to be your friend. please do not fall for it. Listen to your father and BLOCK THEM.

Forgot to mention that the person has sent some photos and said that he would pay me back. Did I get myself and my dad into a tough situation and that now I’m paying for the consequences?

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Hey @Ed495
You are ok, Just put this down to experience but please stop now with this person. These people are so clever at what they do and how they take advantage of others, you havent done anything wrong except be kind and believe what you were told and you have a kind heart but now you are aware that this person is taking your money, you need to stay strong, stop talking to them and do not give them anything else. I would suggest you also report this to a fraud line that should be accessible where you live, here in the UK its Action fraud, maybe you could find out what you have where you live. I would also like you to check out Kitboga on youtube to find out more about people that get scammed to further protect yourself in future. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers :green_heart:


Hey there @Ed495,

Would you like to share on which platform you are communicating with this person? Maybe we can help you to see how to block them in a more practical manner + prevent them from contacting you again.

Nothing bad happened so far. It’s okay. Just make sure to not respond to them anymore. The more you respond, the more it will feed their answers. More than anything, do not share any personal information, even if they ask you so very kindly or make promises. It’s all lies.

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I use Discord to communicate with the person

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Would you consider blocking the person from being able to contact and maybe reporting the messages of them asking for money from you? Just in case they have been asking anyone else for money or monetary gifts.

I have already reported the user to the Discord Trust and Safety team, but haven’t got a response yet.I don’t know if blocking would be helpful, as I think that the blocked user can create another account, but I can try and wait for the outcome.


I think both of us came to a conclusion. Below is the conversation I had with the person if you are curious. I don’t know if the link will open.

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This is good to hear. A person can indeed always create other accounts, but you can simply limit through your user settings the DM you can receive to friends only. That way, if someone you don’t know want to DM you, they can’t. They would have to be granted a successful friends request, which can be a good filter for you.

PS - I’ve removed the links as it is not necessary for anyone to see or know their usernames.

Well done for reporting to Discord Trust and Safety. It was the right thing to do. :hrtlegolove:

I am still talking with the person, though not very much and I don’t know why I still talk to him as I think he is wanting one last payment and assures he will pay me back and told the amount I will receive. Now another person is involved as the person I’m talking to has found him on the same server we share and they are texting back and forth The person who got involved is not asking me for money, but is at the same time trying to help me get over with my worry over the situation and some other stuff.

I am worried that if my parents might find out again that I have been giving to him and that it would make my parents upset at me for giving or even wasting my hard earned money and that they would not trust me again. Also I don’t know if this will haunt me in the future or if I will encounter this again, as I think I’m now experiencing regular lightheadedness or dizziness and don’t know if this is linked to the situation I’m in or something else. Have I become gullible into letting another person convince me into giving him money and if so how can I better handle the situation if encountering a similar situation in the future? Also, part of me feels like there is no panic and shouldn’t care about the situation and the other half feels anxious and worried


Hi Ed, thank you for sharing this update. I hope you’re doing well today.

I know a situation like this can very stressful, I hope you know that it’s okay to feel stressed by this. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. It’s also completely okay to reach out to us whenever these feelings, or anything else, come up and you need someone to listen. When these scammers reach out they will often pretend to be your friend to get what you want, but here on Heart Support we genuinely want to know you. We don’t have any other motives, we’re just glad you’re here and we want the best for you.

I’ve been in a similar situation to you – twice actually, where scammers have approached me, pretending to be friendly, only to end up asking for money. It really sucks when people are being friendly and you think they’re being genuine, only to find out that they were only doing it to take advantage of you. In my case that resulted in two dinners with what seemed like very kind people, which ended with them heavily insisting that I get involved in their ‘once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity’. That was disappointing and I felt like I’d wasted my night, but it was a long time ago and what you’re going through right now will also fade into your past. This won’t go on forever, you’re not trapped in it.

The thing about these sorts of scammers is that they can be experts at manipulation, and they’ll use whatever lies they can think of to get to your wallet. Their tactics are effective against all kinds of people, so there’s really nothing to feel bad about. It’s okay, we live and we learn.

I think that if your instincts are telling you that they’re trying to get one last payment from you, your instincts should be trusted. There’s no reason to believe that this person will ever pay you back, or that they’ll ever stop asking you for money. The only fully effective way of protecting yourself against situations like this is to cut off all contact and make a rule for yourself that you won’t send money to people you meet online again. You should stop replying to their messages and block them today. Is that something you’re willing to do?

Any regular dizziness or lightheadedness is definitely something you should talk to your doctor about. These are physical symptoms that can only be reliably seen to by a trained medical professional.

Thank you again for keeping us posted, I hope you’ll have a good day. Remember we’re always here to talk if you’d like! :heart:

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I can’t seem to get rid of this situation as it is troubling me. Although it seems to be almost finished, the aftereffects will give me some consequences, such as having a hard time falling asleep or having the situation on my mind all day, that when I go to bed, I would get effects of the situation lingering around me.

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Hey @Ed495,

Thank you sharing this update. Are you still talking to the person, or is it all about having a hard time to let go emotionally? If you would like to share how this make you feel and what are your thoughts about this situation, we’re here to listen. Learning to let go goes along with naming what is getting a hold of your mind, and why it is present.

You are safe, and you will be okay. :hrtlegolove: