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Metal/hardocre lyrics have always been a source of strength for me. “Give Wings To My Triumph” by Hatebreed, really the whole Supremacy album, helped me through a lot of stuff during my younger years. Make Them Suffer could easily be a dissertation in the field of mental health. Just listen to the album Neverbloom, the whole thing, that is not the shit you normally get when death metal bands try and sound tough. I feel pain when I listen to them, partially because most of the lyrics are about self realization of worthlessness and I relate to that, but also its not stuff you just make up. You need to do a reaction video to “Save Yourself” by these guys, you’ll thank me later.


“It’s not stuff you just make up”, this is so very well said and true, and really the core reason of why specific bands and lyrics can resonate so deeply with our heart. That are bands and songs I can easily list that have been absolutely life saving to me personally, just like you describe with Hatebreed. It’s incredible how powerful the gift of listening to something that echoes ourselves can be. Knowing that you can listen to only a couple notes to have one specific part of your soul that becomes more present, whole. It’s beautiful, powerful, and there’s definitely not enough words to express how deep this kind of experience can be. I find it through your words, and absolutely love that music has been such a pillar of strength, resilience and perseverance to you. However the other side of it sometimes it to feel the pain deeper, and potentially find comfort in it, in those dark places of ourselves that may not serve us, but feel at least familiar. If I may ask, when you mention relating the self realization of worthlessness, is it something that you still feel or struggle with these days? I of course don’t know your personal story, but, from one stranger to another, I can assure you that you matter so very much, that you belong, and that being you is a gift to this world, to your loved ones, and to anyone who would have the chance to cross your path. :heart: PS - going to listen to “Save Yourself” asap.

@HeartSupport - Mental Health Community save yourself is a masterpiece

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Just listened to it and this was a nice discovery for me. Thank you for the recommendation! I usually don’t listen to this genre (am more into technical/death metal). But really love how they depicted this message of “you need to go away and save yourself from me”, as “I” would only bring pain to you. Always such a powerful yet dramatic way to both express love and self-rejection. Something that many of us feel and experience for sure. Thanks again for the heads up! -Micro