Might Go To The Hospital

I really hate how I constantly feel like I’m whining. Well my depression, anxiety, everything that’s wrong with my head feels like it’s going for an all time high. I can’t stop crying. I constantly feel like hurting myself. The smallest inconvenience and I feel like my world is falling down on me. I have been so aggressive towards my co workers, and loved ones I feel so bad. When I tried to take my life a few weeks ago I mourned my life. The following week, I thought everything in life was precious, and not that it isn’t, I just can’t see it right now. lm stuck in a horrible cycle. I’m hoping with the weekend coming up maybe my mood will change and stay in a more positive mind set but if it’s doesn’t then I’m going to probably check myself in.

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Hey @icecream,

I’m so sorry to hear about your ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety. Please know that you are not whining - you’re voicing your feelings which is very, very healthy to do, so thank you for posting!

Going to a hospital definitely won’t hurt. They will introduce you to a healthy new lifestyle which will help you get back on your feet. Sometimes we need that extra push in order to feel better, so don’t be ashamed about admitting that you might need additional help. In fact, it takes a very strong person to admit it, so I’m proud of you for considering getting an extra boost! Please keep us updated on your situation - we care for you and want to see you get better.


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Hey friend -

I so badly want you to feel better and more positive, but as the saying goes, you can’t force it. :confused: I would definitely suggest finding someone to talk to if you don’t start to feel better soon, because I know you don’t mean to lash out at your friends and family. It seems like you might benefit from talking to someone that has an objective view!

I hope you keep us updated, and let us know if the weekend helps you gain some positivity! If not, definitely consider finding someone to talk to!!

I wish you the best friend!


Hey there friend!

big hugs I’ve been stuck in a cycle of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and brokenness before too. Its rough when it feels like the world is caving in on you and you don’t get a break from the lows. But know you’re loved here. People here are cheering for you. It may not seem like it right now, but things get better and there is a way to break the cycle and move forward.

Personally, I’ve been diagnosed with several mental health issues and its hard finding the right treatment and learning what recovery is. It is okay to cry, scream, and not feel okay. But don’t give up. Someday your story could help someone else! And hey, theres nothing wrong with having to go to the hospital to get help! It is silly that theres a stigma surrounding getting mental health help when there isnt around getting physical illness help….both are just as important!!!

We love you here friend. We believe in you. You aren’t walking this road alone. I hope and pray you make the right decision and that you feel better soon. I wish I could come hug you!!!

You got this. :heart:

With love and hugs,
Bethy - Team Out of the Ashes


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing. I know that probably wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but because you shared, I can tell you how much I relate. I used to be in your same spot about a year ago. I couldn’t function or do my normal daily things. I was being rude and violent towards the people I loved. I felt like everything was spiraling out of hand and I didn’t know what to do. With a couple of people supporting me, I went to the ER and was admitted a behavioral health hospital for over a week. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I knew I needed it. It doesn’t mean I was weak or broken…it was actually a sign of strength and willingness to get better. I surrendered the fact that I couldn’t do it on my own and I needed help. That week was a very long week but I was able to reset my mind, my heart, my attitude and my identity. If you feel like you are a danger to yourself or to others and that you are on this cycle, I do encourage you to get help. Also, with your attempt to take your life a couple weeks ago, I highly recommend seeking out medical help.

With all that being said, I hope and pray that you know that you are not alone in this and that you will find healing one day. You just have to make those first couple steps.

We love you!
<3 Stephanie


Hi @icecream,

Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much right now. I’m also glad that you’re still here, and that you came to us for support - that’s a positive, and I’m proud of you for it. Please know that we don’t feel like you’re whining. You’re sharing your struggles and looking for support, and that takes bravery. Your feelings count. They are valid. And you have worth and are valued.

I know you have previously mentioned that you received the ReWrite and Dwarf Planet books last week. Have you started either one of them? They really are helpful, and may be an outlet for some of what you are feeling and going through and help you slow down those cycles. Also, as Eric said,

He is absolutely right. It is hard to admit that we need help, but there is absolutely no shame in it. When we can’t handle things ourselves, it is okay to ask others to help us. If that is what you feel you need, then that is what you need.

Please keep us posted. Hold fast.
<3 AnitaBandaid