Might have to get out of this house

My mood finely was picking up this weekend and then last night I didn’t get enough pizza and my dad yelled at me and brought my mood down and then today I tild him his hair wasnt cut even because he cut it at home and then him and my mom got into an argument and my dad blamed me and yelled at me and now my mood is doen again and I cant stop thinking of high school…

You sound very lost, this must be a hard time for you, I dont have many words because I dont know exactly whats going on but, main things are ( keep your head up, try to find something that makes you smile everyday even if its just for a second) Remember something that makes you happy and go do it whatever it is go do it! everyone has a creative mind, laughter is a good medication. Think to yourself I can get over it I can do this. people say do this all the time but there is a reason it works it really does it takes a while but it does trust me!

Hey @lost - If you’re able to move out with friends, I would highly recommend it! Although every story is different, I started to heal the moment I moved away from my toxic environment. I hope this helps a little!

@lost IDK your situation or age. If you’re still in High school I suggest concentrating on it and insure you at least get your diploma. I don’t know your eating habits, but I usually have a salad & fruit with a couple slices of pizza. (When I say salad I don’t mean lettuce with sliced carrots and a dressing. I mean an actual salad with carrots, lettuce, cheese & tomatoes (exchange toppings with whatever). This usually fills me up. An actual balanced meal has three food groups in it.
I’m only expounding this again because I don’t know your eating habits, but I know that mine as a young buck was terrible. (I thought a meal was pizza bites, chips & pepsi.) I was hungry all the time like a dog only because I didn’t eat balanced meals.
I’ve changed my diet the last year & the half. I only eat 2 meals a day and that is only because I’m full. I can’t eat anymore most of the time (I rarely get hungry anymore). So keep it simple and remember a well balanced meal has at least 3 of the food groups in it.