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Mind wonder be for slumber

reds and blues of sirens and lights late at night maybe they will be alright
Lost in hums of fans and winds hoodie feels like my proper skin chest feels heavy chest feels light a window just out of sight shadows dance through out the night red halo in my sight
My brain feels like a traffic light
Cat be nimble cat be quick jumps right on the snake cage quick zooms throughout the halls at night feet full of pitter patter thinks he’s lion thinks he’s brave he rather not misbehave
Rather then sleep this night I wonder am I cured for fire and thunder like those who yell that from on yonder they say me sinner my friends say saint I don’t think it’s quite that frank
Something rather quaint I think


My cat would rather misbehave, except he’s usually too lazy.

How often do those who are yelling really know what they’re talking about?

Saints sometimes sin. Sinners are sometimes saintly. Both are on a journey of growth.

Say hi to Zoomie Kitty for me.

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From: Rohini_868

This is such an expressive poem! Thanks for sharing, I could picture it all! Zoom Kitty bit was hilarious.
I hope that you were able to rest afterwards and get some peaceful thoughts too. You’re loved friend and you matter!

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From: eloquentpetrichor

snaps fingers

I really like this poem you wrote, Derpplup. It is very visually pleasing to imagine the little scenes playing out in the darkness :hrtlegolove:

Cats are the best and I hope you give that mischievous one lots of cuddles. Give them one for me too please :hrtlegolove:

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