Misanthropy - poem


For this unnervingly shallow lack of my forced silence
I follow terror as a method of submittable compliance
Self hatred and regression forms in suffocating deniance

Your voice I cry morphs dully and horrifically cynical
Grotesqueness squelches so overwhelming numbness comes liminal
Your hands I stare and mutilate themselves unforgivable

For this brutally strong distaste for humanity
Impurely fingered innocence you have taken away from me
Forming this malignant hatred and misanthropy


Misanthropy is a dislike of humankind.

I haven’t been making much lately, kind of disappointing for myself.

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Hi @wren_wyn,

Your poem sound amazing to me! Also, I learning a lot of new words from you by your poems because I speak two languages. I see couple of your poems that you post in HeartSupport. You made my day so much better. You write poems better than me to be honest. I’m super proud of you!


Thank you! I also learn new words and find searching for words interesting (a logophile is a lover of words haha). The first ever poems I made were messy and very ill-structured.Writing is a skill which can be learned and improved with practice, like most other things, in my opinion (:

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