Miss My beloved mum

Today I feel fine, but there are days when I’m sad and I feel alone. It all started when my mother fell ill with liver cancer around 2008 and died of ALS after intensive care in 2012. my sister had already moved out of the parents house. My father was working more than home. It makes me sad again and again, when I remember the time and leaves me alone and feel abandoned … I miss my beloved mother infinitely! she was always there for me!

I can sadly say that I feel your pain friend. I know it’s hard to deal with loss, and I know the struggles it can bring.

I know your mom loves you very much, and would only want the best for you. Keep your head up, and try to keep living your life. If you ever need someone to talk to, my ears are always open friend.

Man, it can leave your heart so heavy and empty remembering someone’s loss…someone dear to you, someone who made you feel loved and like you belong…sucks, bro. Your heart matters, your pain matters. It’s okay to feel the way you do. I wonder at this point what would be most honoring to your heart – is there something you need to do, something you feel that was left undone, something you feel unresolved about?

It’s so good to have someone who understands me! to @513Kernal thank you for your talk offer, I will come back to opportunity. sometimes I think that I should often have told her that I love her!

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I definitely understand that. My relationship with my mom when she passed was very broken, and I struggled with that for YEARS.

Some advice I can lend to you. You ARE forgiven for those missed opportunities, even if it’s hard to believe that at times. You don’t have to live in regret of could have, should have, and would have. I know that feeling as well brother.