Missing a loved friend

I really recently had a friend placed back in jail. They had a drug problem as a young adult and had beat it and been clean for almost a year. They had two kids and was doing an amazing job bring a parent but recently was placed back in jail for drinking which violated their probation. Just unsure how to support them and get through it. I honestly loved this person and wanted the best for them and feel heart broken that they have had this happen and have to be separated from their two kids. They were doing so well :sweat::sweat::sob::sob:


Hi @Livingyetdoubting,

I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I hope your they won’t be in jail for too long and they will be reunited with their family as soon as possible. Even if they’re going to deal with serious hardships from now, it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get back on the right track after that. Having people who sincerely love you and care about you can be an incredibly powerful thing to keep going on and better yourself. But I hear you. And I understand how worrying this news can be to you.

So you can be supportive to them and their family of course! Being there for your friend is really a nice thing to do. But also don’t forget to respect your own limits, okay? Your friend made some mistakes and you are not personaly responsible for that. And no matter what, it’s obvious that you care about them. You are a good friend already. Maybe asking them directly how you could help during this period could be great. It’s possible that they’ll need some privacy as well.

Hold fast. :heart: