Missing someone a lot

My best friend stopped being my best friend in August. I miss her so damn much even tho it wasn’t my fault she left. I let her live with me and she chose someone better. It hasn’t hit me that she’s really gone till now. It took a while but now I’m really struggling. I wish I was enough for her. I tried so hard to be.

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This reminds me of my current dilemma. I hope you don’t mind me sharing.

I entered my first relationship a while back. We were happy together for a while. I looked up to him, respected him, admired him, and his presence made me a better person. I was in love.

At some point, he decided that he needed a break. He has been busy, and a lot in his life has been changing. I am also going through a lot, but I hoped that we could go through our problems while staying together. My relationship with him made me strong and capable, and the obstacles in my life were just background noise when I was with him.

It seems he needed to be alone to feel capable. He called everything off.

I wish I was enough for him. I miss him a lot.

Hi, friend.

That’s hard. I truly is. I’ve been there quite a few times in my life. For different reasons. Sometimes it was due to a fall out, other times the relationship just fell distant and other times it’s because the other person didn’t want to put effort into the friendship. It was very one sided.

Something I’ve had to learn in this life is, friends will come and go. People will come into our lives and some of them will stay and others will eventually go for one reason or another.

It’s completely fair and okay to miss someone who meant a lot to you. Especially someone who was clearly very important and close to you. I don’t know your guys story or situation so I can’t fully make a clear tip on it. But maybe you can send a short text or email just letting them know you miss them and are thinking of them. Wishing them well.

But also, maybe it’s just a relationship where it’s best to remember the good it had for a while and move on. We grow and learn from the relationships and friendships we build. We learn about ourselves and others. We learn what we need in a relationship and also where we may need to work on ourselves and improve so we can do better in the next relationship/friendship.

Just know that you are important! You hold value! How you feel is valid! And just because one person didn’t recognize that or didn’t see that you were enough, doesn’t mean you aren’t.

I’m so sorry that you are hurting and you lost someone special to you. But there are a lot of people in this world. With time, effort and patience you can find another friend and more people to connect with. I know that can be hard. I know it is for me as someone who has severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. I have to carry medication on me at all times because I’m prone to anxiety and panic attacks. But, I still try to get myself out there when I can.

My dear friend, I hope that you are able to find and build new relationships. And that you will love yourself along the way and know your worth. Just know that not everyone in this life can like us and we can’t always like everyone. It is just a part of life. But never let those that don’t work out make you feel like it lessens your value.

You are good enough. (:

Much love to you.

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