Mom is about to die. probably today or tomorrow

my moms oxygen levels are 78 and her heart rate is 43. we don’t think she is going to make it to tonight probably.

when i looked at her eyes yesterday it just felt like she hated me

she was begging my dad not to leave her. she can hardly talk at all and usually just makes noises but she started asking my dad not to leave her

i have my puppy a bath so i had something to do and my moms friends came over and my brother and sister are here and they were all out there talking about how they’ve done cocaine?? and they’re mad at ME for just staying in my room? are you kidding…

my brother called 911 because my mom didn’t want to die in the house but she changed her mind or something within the ten minutes it took them to get here because they can’t take her to the hospital or anything. he threw a scene and the fire department ended up calling the cops on him. the fd also stayed for awhile cause my dad had to give my mom her medicine and they thought he might try to intervene since the medicine is to help her die more peacefully and he wants to keep her alive. then the police came and the emt talked to my dad about why the police were here (he was banging on the house and threatening the fd for not taking my mom to the hospital but they can’t cause she’s in hospice), and then i realize my brothers dad who told my mom to fuck off and die and said shit to my oldest sister as well was here and that pissed me off but i thought i’d rather not anger my brother anymore so i didn’t say anything. now my brother left with my methhead sister and his dad to probably go and drink.


Hi echo.
I am sorry your family does not support you. I am sorry that your siblings are acting the way they are acting. And I am sorry for your dying mother. It just seems like you are under so much pressure. We are here to give support so just ask for it when you need it ok. :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care



@echo, I’m so sorry. First for your mom, but also for the chaos you are witnessing and going through. It’s already hard to know that we’re about to lose someone close to us, but it’s even more painful when that time can’t be peaceful because of the circumstances at play.

I want to ask, how are you doing in the middle of this? It sounds that your family is going through a real chaos and there is so much noise around you. But you, how are you processing all of this?

As @Ashwell said, we’re here for you, friend. You’re not alone, even if it might feel like it. Your voice matters to us. :hrtlegolove:

Sending lots of hugs your way. I hope with all my heart that your family will manage to get some peace in times to come, so you can also breathe, have a break and process these heavy times in a healthy way. :hrtlegolove:


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