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Sometimes it’s hard to separate myself from my work life


Yeah, when getting off of work you’re never really…“off work”. The problems linger in your thoughts, and it’s like – you can be LOOKING at your food or you friends or family or whatever, but mentally you’re still trying to solve or tinker or tweak. It’s hard to disentangle your mental life from your work. To fight off the lies that you ought to still be working, producing, improving, etc.

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Our job is such a huge part of our life, and can be such a huge part of our identity as well. When you think about it, one of the first things we are used to say as a way to present ourselves to a new person is to mention our job status. It weighs a lot in our daily life.

It’s not surprising that it becomes hard to separate work from private life and from our personal identity, especially after two years of lock-down and more at-home work practices. I have myself this tendency to throw everything that I have into work (or personal projects) way too much - which of course leads to repeated cycles of burnout. The more I try to adjust my own boundaries though, the more I’m getting better at accepting them.

There is a real strength that you hold right there: you are aware of it. You perceive your own limits and you know when you are managing to separate these different areas of your life. The process of finding balance is tough, but it’s definitely worth it for your own well-being. Keep trying, friend. Each time you feel like failing on that matter is another opportunity to know yourself even better. You are learning, adapting, progressing. It’s okay if there are bumps on the road sometimes. But more than anything: it is okay to rest when you need it, no matter what it looks like.

If you need some more practical help and support, feel absolutely free to share a little more about your situation and what is the most challenging for you when it’s about setting some needed limits between work and life as a whole. In any case, you are definitely not alone in face of this obstacle. :hrtlegolove:

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