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Im so stressed no matter what i do its like i can’t get ahead feels like I’m never gona get where it’s not like this any more.


It sucks to feel that pressure and feel like there’s no way out. It’s hard to figure it out sometimes, but is there something you can do to delegate? Without knowing your situation, I can only relate my own… Boy have I been here myself. I’ve been so stressed my body manifests symptoms of it physically - eye twitches, finger twitches, bumps on my fingers and hands… not to mention insomnia. Stress is real, it impacts you in ways you can’t even process sometimes. If you’re anything like me, it’s HARD to delegate sometimes, but necessary. I hate not having control of things, but when I hit the point it sounds like you’re at now, it becomes critical that I let go. I hope you’re able to offload some of your stress. Remember to do some self-care, and maybe even call up a friend to vent. <3

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Hi, just letting you know you’re not alone. Stress sucks to deal with, but it does eventually get better. Is there something fun you could do for a distraction? Even for a little bit, that helps me sometimes.

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From: bitemarque

Life can feel really overwhelming sometimes, and I know it’s especially common right now. You are allowed to stop and take a breath. Things will get better, but I know that can feel impossible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are strong and worthy of love.

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