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I hooked up with a guy I liked last month and he is someone I wanted to get to know. I’m having so many regrets and am just really lonely right now. I know I’m not entitled to people’s time, but I just wish I had been given more of a chance.


Hey mommafoxfire_fan #9,

I have been in your shoes so many times before. I would always feel used and unworthy of actual real attention or love. For me, its been a while as I am in a relationship now, but I still have regrets too. The way I look at these regrets, are like learning experiences. I think this can maybe be something you apply as well? And while we can’t change the past, we can do something about our future. This is just such a complicated field, and I really wish I could hug you right now! I know exactly how you feel!


Thank you for reaching out! I can definitely relate to the feeling of not connecting on the same level as you were expecting to with someone else. Remember that you are worthy of love and affection just as you are, and hopefully this disconnect just means they weren’t the right person for you. Loneliness is not a fun feeling either. My therapist really encouraged me to pick up a new hobby when I was first starting my divorce and feeling quite lonely; it helped quite a bit. If you have a mental health professional, I would definitely encourage you to bring this up with them and talk it out! Much love to you today!

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From: mr_tib

Hey there. I agree with what Lisa said; Life is full of learning experiences, rather than regrets. take your experience here and use it to grow. I think expectations are an important thing to manage and its important to put those upfront. You’re allowed to be sad, but you wont always feel this way. try not to spend too much time and energy on the past, because there is a lot ahead of you. <3


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