Money struggles

We’re still struggling with money and I feel guilty for even wanting to eat. We can hardly afford food without my moms savings and sometimes struggle to pay our bills too. I feel like I use too much money. I don’t even ask for anything because I know it’s selfish and I can live with what I have but I still take up food cost, phone bill, and health insurance coverages. Plush stuff to shower with and sanitary products lmao… If I wouldn’t have been born maybe my parents would be struggling just a little less. Maybe my dad could buy the things he wants for himself and he could be happy instead but no, here I am. I have to waste like 2-300 a month with everything listed. I’m not sure how much my insurance costs but it has to be a lot… I just wish I could run away or kill myself, it’d make it so much easier for them. Why couldn’t my mom just believe in abortion? Why did I have to be born? They didn’t even want me, I was a genuine mistake lol. I also don’t get how we register as middle class?? My dad usually make 50-60k a year and my mom has disability checks she gets every month but we still struggle to pay for basic thing? I don’t get it? How is this middle class??? I hate this

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Hey, thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us.
You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly! You are worthy of eating, being cared for, having the things you need to survive, the positive things in your life, the positive things you are given, and the positive things that are available to you. You are worthy of those things because you are human.
I know it is hard to feel worthy of eating when your family doesn’t make much money. In my family, my wife is the main breadwinner and I am the househusband. I don’t work a normal job and i spend a lot of my days around the house and it is sure easy to feel like i am not worthy of anything because i don’t earn my place. And i know how it feels to feel like you. My father was the breadwinner in my house as a kid and he had no job multiple times and as a child we were broke.
You are wanted, and you have no idea how sad people would be with you gone. I know how easy it is for those feelings to get inside your head. At times they have, and do get in my head. But when they do, remind yourself that you are worthy. I am an accident baby too, but in the end I am me. Without me in the world there would be no one on the other end here to talk to you and tell you, you are worth it and things have an are worthy of being alive, positively affirmed, and loved. I know just how much i felt that way, but after growing up with a very silent father who never showed a single emotion, i know now he wanted me there. Your who world crumbles when your child is gone. You are needed, you are wanted. You are not a burden. You matter.

Finances are tough, class statuses are of a non importance in today’s society sadly. I have stopped paying attention to what socioeconomic class I’m in, and started paying attention to the people who love me. Everyone here loves you, and your parents love you. Financial status does not define the person you are. The person you are is defined by the words you say and the actions you take.

You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly

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