More health problems

I have had high blood pressure for at least two weeks now. It was so high two days ago, that is was off the scale and even the NHS website said the readings must be wrong.

I’ve been trying to relocated for ten months now, with no success to date.


Do you have any history of high blood pressure in your family? That can be a common cause, especially combined with stress, which it sounds like you have a lot of right now.

Where are you trying to relocate?

I hope you are kind to yourself during this process. I am sure that moving can be stressful and nerve wracking. I hope you keep moving forward. I believe in you

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I don’t know about other family members and high BP - I’ve only had it this year

A very stressful year, yes. A lot of deep sadness too with pet and family bereavement

I am so sorry @Champagne I have high blood pressure too. My mom got high blood pressure when she had me and now I have it after having my son. I currently take meds for it, but I realized that it goes higher with stress. We’re living in a very stressful time… are you able to see your primary care doctor to get treatment?

An NHS Emergency Doctor sent me to my local hospital, where a Clinical Nurse put me on some Blood Pressure tablets. I’ve had to double-up some days and it’s been wearing me out. Yes, stress certainly makes it worse; sleep apnoea and being overweight makes it worse too

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Having ECG, blood, urine and BP tests at doctors soon

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