More things my rude parents did

My parents took my phone away so I’m sneaking on it rn so I have a severe allergy to nuts( really bad my lungs close up) I had an allergic reaction and my dad refused to give me my epi pen nor take me to the hostipsl it took multiple times them when we went there and got treated he guided me into making me feel guilty for wanting help and making g me cry he also was just a jerk this week


I’m so sorry Jay. I have a lot of difficulty understanding why someone would deny medical care. That is pretty abusive behavior, and there could have been serious consequences.
While you were at the hospital, did you consider telling them what had happened?
For your health, as much as anything, they should have been made aware of the situation, and perhaps talked to your father about the dangerous chance he took with your life. They may have called the police too, because, he should, as your father, made sure you had immediate care.
I can tell you Not feel bad about any of this, and that the person who should feel bad, is your father, but you must realize this too, and when you do, hopefully, you’ll stop taking on his really rotten behavior as your problem. You did what you needed to do to take care of YOU. That is Exactly what you should be doing, and I hope you find a way to feel good about taking care of you. Peace

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