Motivated to get back on my feet again

Three years ago, I was depressed and alone. All of my close friends are all in university while I’m mostly at home all the time. It really hurts to see all of them progress in life further while I don’t feel like I’m not moving forward. I felt like I was stuck in a void and don’t feel like doing anything. I gained so much weight for it and I always deal with the negative self talk. Luckily last year, I made so many short term accomplishments. Got a part time job, stuff that I want and get to see one of my most favorite band. (One Ok Rock) His words inspired me to keep going. “If you want something right now, just do it!” I realized I have so much to do right now. Right now I’m on a vacation. Just visited Philippines and Japan…now I’m almost going back home. I have a long term goal is that I"m thinking of going back to school.

If I had to say to my younger self, take one step at a time even how long It takes to get back up. Don’t compare to anyone else and focus on yourself.


Hi Friend,
I am so wildly proud of you!!
It’s very hard to look at people around us and feel like we don’t measure up. You really figured out one of the hardest lessons in life. That lesson is that comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone walks a different path. Some of our paths to success or fulfillment are longer. That doesn’t mean they’re not valid or worth traveling.
I really hope that you’ll keep up your progress. And please keep us updated on your goal of going back to school.
Again, I’m so proud of you!

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