Moving and losing therapy

So I recently opened up to my therapist about my self harm and worked on how to accept that mistakes are ok and made a safety net in case things got bad again. I move in 3 weeks from Dc to Maryland and am losing therapy because they don’t take Maryland Medicaid. The last time I saw a therapist in Maryland, their response to everything was “pray about it, Jesus wants to help you” and was very unhelpful. I’m not sure what the best way to continue is because I’m scared I’m gonna fall into old habits. For the record mistakes have never been tolerated with either my mom or dad. Usually it would end up with me standing in a corner facing the wall with no food for a day or if was a major mistake like getting a c in school and hiding it then it be two days of standing in the corner. I’m scared I’m gonna fall back into my self harm ways for making a mistake but I want to get better. I’m honestly scared about what’s gonna happen when I move.



I’m sorry that happened to you. The ones who uses Jesus’ name for an excuse for not doing anything should be ashame of themselves. That’s blasphemy. You deserve to get help. You want it and need it. You are not in a good place right now. That’s okay. You won’t stay like this forever. You will get better. God is with you. If you need to vent more, this forum is open. I hope you are having a restful night. Thank you for sharing. God bless. Stay strong.

I know you posted this awhile ago. Something that really helped me find a counselor is psychology you can look up the counselor in your area and it tells you a price range and if they have a sliding scale. Make sure to call and ask their rates before. My insurance doesn’t cover but I am seeing an intern and paying forty dollars a week which is managable. Some might even do payment plans. If you are in school they sometimes have counseling on campus. Change is really hard but journaling and being open about struggling helped me transition a little bit better. Really hope you can find someone you can afford and that you can keep reaching out on here and find a support system. Rooting for you and proud of you for realizing you still want to see a counselor.

If you are able to eventually get a new therapist, is it possible to maybe get one that isn’t religious based? Or do you prefer a religious counselor?
For me, it’s too hard on me to be told to pray or leave my issues in gods hands. It’s not helpful to me personally.

There are all kinds of therapists out there. So if one isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to ask to be switched. And don’t be afraid to let your therapist know when their methods aren’t helping. Being open and honest is part of the process.

Heart Support has a book on self harm called “Rewrite” . It’s a guide to help you through it. You can order it on amazon or if you can’t afford to do that right now, they will send you the book for free. There is also one for a guidance through depression. It’s called “Dwarf Planet” both of the links to these books can be found in this Link, alongs with other resources like meditative and mind calming music, meditation videos, mental health discussions, all of the Heart Support links and more. Feel free to join us on Twitch when HeartSupport goes live. All of their stream links can be found there.

You don’t have to go at this alone. We’re all here to work together to support one another as we push through our hardships. You matter. You are valued and are very important.

Much love to you

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