Moving got me down

I might be moving soon and I’m not looking forward to it. All my friend won’t be able to drive down and see me cause most of them don’t drive also my dad is always working. I also won’t be able to go to my programs like AIM and ILS. I feel like my depression is taking over and my life is slipping down hill. Music usually helps but somehow these days nothing is doing the trick to cheer me up


Wow I totally understand how you are feeling. Change is always difficult because we get comfortable with the way things are. Change makes me think of someone throwing water in face. It is shocking, abrupt, and now you and everything on your body is wet; eventually you dry. The same is true for any change in our lives. The initial moment of change is terrible, but eventually, if you choose, you will start to find a new way to exist in the change. I believe in your ability to overcome any change that comes your way.

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Hi friend I’m sorry that the potential move is not something you’re looking forward to. It makes sense to be sad that you’ll be far from your friends and programs. That’s a hard transition to make. Change is always hard, especially if it’s not something that you’re choosing for yourself. Even if you end up moving, you can make it through the transition time and get to the next chapter of your life. There may be some days and weeks where it’s extra hard but you will make it through them. I remember how sad I was to have to move when my mom remarried. I loved the friends I had in my first house. After moving, it took me awhile to embrace the new normal but after some time, the new normal was just normal. And it was okay.
We’re here for you when you need us :hrtlegolove: thanks for sharing what’s on your mind

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Hi RickyP

I know exactly how you feel friend, I’ve moved many times throughout my life, both as a child against my will and consciously as an adult (I’ve moved 8 times and I’ll be moving again soon hopefully!)

Something I’ve learnt throughout this is that even though you will miss out on certain things when you move, there are always new experiences to be had in the places you move TO! Having a large variety of experiences is a really good way to learn new things, and get a great perspective on how the world actually is, and it’s something I’ve actually come to enjoy and look forward to!

Just because you are moving away from your friends now doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch. One of the benefits of technology is that you can do just that! There’s no reason the fun has to end here.

Even if you do fall out of touch, you can meet back up with them later in life. During one of my moves, I had to say goodbye to my whole friend group, and many years later (10 in fact) I actually got back in touch with them and we’re friends again!

You can make it through this friend, and I totally understand how you feel during this moment. Maybe take a bit of time to explore where you’ll be moving to, look to see if there are some touristy things you could do, maybe some hikes, or other safe activities during this pandemic. Explore the area in google maps! Maybe there are some places you’d like to order takeout from, or some wacky buildings to visit and laugh at, or some weird history to learn!

The world is a wide and wonderful place friend, and there is plenty out there to learn. But just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you’ll never see your friends again. Keep in touch and I’m sure you’ll have a fulfilling friendship that will last many years :slight_smile:


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