Moving on

I have recently been broken up with. " A break" as the text read. I insisted on remaining friends with the said person but his coldness (which I can attribute to this person not liking me enough hence breaking up with me) towards me and then a sudden peak of interest for a couple of days is taking a toll on my mental well-being. I have tried to reason with myself and tried hard to move on but I just can’t seem to get this person out of my mind. I wait for hours waiting for a text, most of my waking thoughts are preoccupied with this person’s presence. It was not a long relationship but it has really affected me and for my own sake, I want to move on and away as soon as possible.


so sorry that this is hurting you so much! break ups suck!

one quick, simple brutal solution? delete and block them. It’s hell while you “detox” from them and get used to the idea you won’t hear from them, but you’ll save yourself the ups and downs of their attention when it comes and goes.


Hey there @monty

I’m so sorry you are going through this, I know your heart must be hurting. I know heartache can make us our worst enemies. I think the other person may have been having second thoughts for a moment but I believe a clean break is for the best. Our feelings can be so messy during a break up. I really think for your own best recovery from this break up a block/removal from your life is important.

I know you are hurting and I’ve been there. I am not friends with any of my previous romantic partners and I think that has worked well for me over the years in moving on and finding a partner who values me and that I can value equally in return.

Wishing you patience, kindness, resolve in the new year/Mish


From: twixremix (Discord)

hey monty, i’m so sorry that you’re going through this sudden and painful break-up. break-ups are never easy and i hope you’re taking care of yourself. aside from the rollercoaster of emotions these thoughts and wanting to be friends has brought you, sita’s idea of blocking/deleting is the key to freeing yourself from this stress that will only build up and destroy you. if it’s easier on your heart, you can even tell them before on why you’re blocking them (freeing your mind of them and their influence, moving forward in life, etc.). regardless, it is not healthy to have them appear in your social feeds or texts when it will only bring negativity. sending you the best of wishes as you work through these emotions, your HS community has always got your back if you need anything. love, twix


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi, Thanks for posting. I am sorry that your relationship broke up, that is never nice and it always take time to recover where feelings are involved but im going to be honest this clearly isnt working being friends, you are not happy and I doubt your ex is either and the only way to change that is to move on. So maybe its time to delete that number that you sit for hours waiting for text s from and then you will be free to meet new people that you wont be waiting hour for a message from. Life is short, its too short to sit around being unhappy friend. Press that Delete button, just not on here. Good luck. Much Love Lisa. x


From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋ (Discord)

Hi @monty If someone breaks up with you and doesn’t want to remain friends with you there really isn’t anything you can do, but respect that. For them to be cold then turn around and show interest is in my eyes, emotional torture. If it were me, I would block and delete as @Sita suggested. I hope you’re ok, it sucks to have a break up, but there is someone out there for you. I know that sounds corny, but it really is true. hugs ~Mystrose


I don’t know if this counts or not but I have actually moved on and felt a whole lot good about myself. Thank you all for your kind words.



This is so wonderful to hear! It takes time, but you got there! Thank you for updating us

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