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Moving out with no money, toxic family

My name is wavy Mac I am a rapper and I’m just in a rut. I have no friends, Non supportive Family, No job, Live at home with a Narcissistic parent. No car. No debt or wife. Just my shitty little life . But I need some advice because ultimately I feel like moving to chase my dreams will make stuff a lot better. But I want to move to Los Angeles. I was in the middle of having all my belongings fit in a suitcase when I got fired in Michigan. It is making my mental health suffer . Meaning this situation. Because I am Also bipolar so my life is a place without a lot of balance so I have to be stuck around my narcissistic mom because I can’t hold a job. I opened up about my sexual identity which I have struggled with. My mother denied and ignored it. Makes everything all about how she wants. Won’t share food, it’s like sorry I scrapped my mini fridges so I don’t have to worry about all my belongings. Again I have 2 suitcases. I’m just in a terrible situation. Curious if anyone might have advice or a place to stay in Los Angeles and if not then maybe Chicago. Because I’m stuck in this rut .


You’re going through alot right now, and I’m proud of you for reaching out here.
I can’t say I know a place for you to go, and I don’t have the best advice to give, but I can tell you that there is something out there that that will eventually make things better. Getting fired while already dealing with all these issues is going to be a huge struggle. And I know things get really bad in life. They really do get down to the deepest darkest core, but you have a dream. That’s a goal. You have something to drive you. How about making a song out of it? Even if that doesn’t help much, I’m sure lots of people would relate deeply with a song such as that. Reminds me a bit of Rare Americans music, and well as The Living Tombstone.
Alot of people struggle with acceptence of their sexual identity. I’m sorry your mom doesn’t accept you, narsassists are always going to be holed up in their own self absorbstion, there’s alot of song ideas I’m getting from this :thinking:
It is defiently in your best measures to leave the house, being around people like that can only get worse.
I know you can’t hold a job, but I’m sure there’s a place that pays well that you just haven’t found yet.
Please stay safe and take care,


hi @Batmacisrad123 ,

first off, i love your name, wavy mac! thank you for posting what all you’re enduring and allowing us into your rut to hopefully give you the support you need to step out of the rut. when your whole world feels stuck, it’s hard to figure out the first step forward.

from reading your post, i can feel a lot of different goals all weighing you down. it’s impossible to pursue and reach each and every goal you set immediately so maybe having some direction and clear milestones you need to reach in order to move out and to LA. before moving out of my parent’s house, i made a personal goal of having a certain amount saved up so i can make rent payments and cover health insurance on my own without living paycheck to paycheck. what would some milestones be for you to be able to move out comfortably?

while you are at your mom’s home, maybe you could take @Systemofconfusion 's awesome comment and run with it by making music. it will kickstart your rapping career while you produce music that others can relate to. all the while, you’re hustling at other jobs to save up, using the goal to move out and pursue your dreams as fuel to perform efficiently at the job.

i can’t wait to start hearing your music and see you chase your goals, my friend. the future of wavy mac is yours and i know you’ll do whatever it takes to get there! i believe in YOU!



Hi @Batmacisrad123
Thanks for posting,
You have a lot on your mind don’t you? I am sorry that you feel that you have a narcissistic mum and a non supportive family, I think its very sad if that is the case as that must be very difficult for you. However, running away with no money, nowhere to live, one suitcase of belongings and no job is not going to be any less difficult, in fact it will be a lot harder than your life is now. The best thing you could do is get yourself some education or a small job and put some money away and make plans so that when you do move away you have proper arrangements made. I know you would like to do it now but really think about if it truly makes sense? if you would like to make it a success?
I also understand that you don’t feel fulfilled in your life at present.

“Live at home with a Narcissistic parent. No car. No debt or wife. Just my shitty little life”

Life with a home, a car, debt and a wife may not be what you hope either, every chapter of life comes with stresses and problems. You will get there, but it will all happen naturally. Don’t wish your life away, enjoy your life, spend time embracing your talent not waiting to settle down and getting into debt.
Have fun, you are young.
take care and think about what you want to do with your life then make real plans.
Much love
Lisa :heart:

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