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Just don’t really feel valued, worth someone’s times, or even appreciated

That’s the worst…because it literally filters into every conversation or interaction with anyone…and it’s easy to read into anyone’s actions – oh yeah, they’re doing that because they don’t care about me / because they don’t think I matter…it’s easy to feel alone and totally worthless when you believe that about yourself. Honestly, I’ve felt that about myself too, and it can get so tough, because we DO experience love around us, but when we experience it, it’s so easy to just dismiss it because it’s so hard to accept something we feel we don’t deserve…anyways, I wanted to tell you – you’re not alone, friend. I’m in it with you. Thank you for sharing your heart <3

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I know you saw us discuss this on stream since you spoke up in chat while we were discussing it but I wanted to drop the video off anyway if you need a reminder friend! <3