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Ms diagnosis @kitboga

Found out i have ms while suffering from severe depression the day of your 1,000th episode and that fun ep got me thru the day. My pain and falling experiences have left me scared and hopeless at times. I’m only 33. Thanks for your community for helping me get through this @Kitboga


I’m so sorry you have to go through this <3


Hello friend. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. My sister was diagnosed with MS a year ago and though I do not personally know what it’s like to receive that diagnoses, I can imagine that it’s scary. Lean on those around you during the hard times. As someone who loves someone that was recently diagnosed, we want to help and support any way we can. You’re not alone in this and you’re so much stronger than you know.



Hi @ccartmill I’m so sorry you’ve been diagnosed with MS. I have a friend who has lived with MS for a very long time. She has found supplements and support that have helped her a ton. She has her struggles, but she has accepted them and she treats her self with compassion. She leads her life the best she can and she actually does pretty good in my eyes. Don’t give up on yourself just yet, because there is hope for you, this isn’t the end I promise. Learn everything you can about MS because there are a lot of different treatments and there are also experimental treatments to look at as well. Take care! ~Mystrose


From: twixremix

hey friend, thank you for joining this HS forum and sharing your life with us. kit is super lucky to have a supporter like you that is full of resilience and love. i’m so sorry that you were diagnosed with MS, my friend. i’m glad you’re here on this earth though and through it all, you’re still you. although diseases can destroy us so often mentally and physically, we are still able to search for hope, fulfillment, and happiness to pull us through. MS is life-changing and i hope you allow yourself to feel angry, upset, and so on instead of bottling it in. but your life is not over, and with this early detection and hopefully treatment, you still have so much life to live and love to spread. hang in there and persevere, because we need you in this world to make this planet better, happier, and stronger. hope to hear from you soon! love, twix


My dear friend,

I am so sorry that you are having to face this. But, I am also so incredibly proud of you for finding some sort of happiness in Kitboga’s streams. I know for me, Kit has helped me get through some rough patches in life.

Please also know that HS will always be here to support you, encourage you, and come alongside you through all of your struggles. You are so brave. You are so strong. You are so worthy. You are so incredibly valid. Thank you for letting us be there for you. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you so much for posting, hopefully kit will get to your post eventually, in the meantime, I would like to say that I am so incredibly sorry about your diagnosis, that must have been a very frightening time for you to be tested then to learn the result of those tests and although having to comprehend it all and learn to manage it and your future must feel like you are out on a limb, i am glad that you have found Kits community and Heartsupport to help you just a bit to keep your spirits up. Can I ask, were you offered councelling when you were given your diagnosis? I think that would be a very big part of coming to terms with any long term illness and one that I would encourage you to look into if you were not offered it. Friend I truly wish you well and hope that you will keep in touch with us so we know how you are. Please be kind to yourself. Much Love Lisa. x