Murder, Orphans, and Broken Frames

Last night, in my sleepy smalltown there was a murder. The victim? A girl I went to school with for 12 years. The perpetrator? Her abusive baby daddy. And after he murdered her, he shot himself to death. I obviously don’t know all the details. But, considering it all went down at her house. Her two young daughters were probably nearby.

Two young girls who are orphaned. One of whom who are so young she’d essentially never know her mother. Two young girls born into this broken and abusive relationship and watched it end the life of their mother. It sounded like life was finally looking up for her and then he had to tragically end her life to keep her from leaving him.

  1. That’s how many years she was on this earth. 5 and 1. That’s how many years she got to spend with her daughters. Now all that’s left of her is broken frames with fading photographs. All because of one relationship from high school. And of course, my broken town is left to pick up the pieces of another life cut too short. After already losing someone else in the summer.

The small town I grew up in in southern Minnesota has the same issue its usually sleepy and boring but when things happen its bad in my 33 years we had a family murdered all except for one or two kids. A girl a grade below me was raped and murdered by a home intruder across the street from my friends house. Things like this are hard to deal with but if the town can band together the people can come out stronger. id suggest being their for your neighbors and this woman’s family who had to see her go all to early. you and your town will move through this dark time just keep her memory alive. hang in there things get better.

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