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Music Recommendations for Encouragement?


Hi HeartSupport Community,

I come once again with a request, if that is okay?

Something so painful has affected someone dear to me, and it’s not my story to tell here, but I just want them to know that they’re not alone. I want them to know that there are people who stand behind them and they’re not on their own, no matter the loneliness they feel at the moment. Do you guys have any music recommendations I could put together as a Spotify playlist and tell them it’s from the HS community?

Thank you guys so much,


You’re not alone of mice and men
Never giving up of mice and men
The lines Beartooth
Composure August burns red

I’ll be praying for them . Glad your doing this playlist for them


Friend please- 21 pilots
Its alright - mother mother

Glad to see this post thank you


@Walkerburnsred and @Coyoteryder thank you both for your recommendations! They’re in the playlist now.

Sending love,


We came as romans, beertooth, radioU that is a music, very up lifting. Checkout the channel Dreamboud on youtube