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I was jamming with a guitar player on my drum kit. We got along fine. He ended up moving for work. Tonight I sent him a video of me playing my microkorg synth. We were going to collaborate on recording together. So I told him how I’m trying to do a solo synth project, which sharing was a bad idea in retrospect. I told him I was going to record and add some beats. Throw down some drums over his guitar playing. Guess leaving out I’ll before throw down caused confusion. The image is just a bit of his verbal assault. Said I was cool and listened to good music, but I was not a musician. I really enjoyed what I had done on my synth and was having fun. After all the shit talking he spewed, I felt discouraged. Maybe I’m being over sensitive. I have so much going on and issues. This is just scratching the surface and a minor thing. I realize life is hard. People challenge us in order to grow in skills or compete for many things. Just kinda confused about this all and feeling blue about this. Especially with what was said to me about my musical ability. I’ve had this happen before. Part of me feels like I’m not a musician and I should quit. Kinda curious to hear other’s perspectives on this.

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Please dont stop producing music, and please dont ever stop because of others.
No matter who you are, or where you are in life there will always be people trying to put you down. I have experienced the same over the last few years, though i still can not wrap my grip around peoples intention for doing so. People just seem to have the negative tendency, of project their own insecurities on to others. So please keep on pursuing music no matter who gets in your way. If music makes you happy stick with, nobody is born as a pro, but over time you will advance and become who you were meant to be :slight_smile:
Best regards,
upcoming supporter and fan :slight_smile:

Hello Exexe! First of all, try to not take shit talk as good criticism. If you love doing music, you should keep at it. I think that the person that has rattled you may in fact have done that out of jealousy or fear, just as likely as trying to gatekeep. It is true that practice is needed to improve, but they may have felt that you were doing better than them with what looked to them like less effort. That doesn’t excuse their behaviour, and certainly isn’t reasonable reason for you to quit.
Furthermore, achieving a goal the same way as another person isn’t always a good strategy. If you enjoy being versatile and work with several instruments and synth, that’s what you should do until YOU find a good reason that YOU WANT to focus on one thing. Discard criticism that isn’t constructive and keep jamming!
Take care of yourself.

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hey @Exexe

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so sorry that this person treated you this way, especially since you previously got along and maybe even thought of you two as friends. I am going to echo what @HearthfireElemental said, negative criticism is not good criticism. There is a massive difference between someone giving pointers or constructive criticism and someone who just tears you down and shit talks you. I can completely understand why this was so discouraging to you. Even if you didn’t have other things going on in your life it would be completely valid for you to be hurt by this, you are in now way overreacting or being “too sensitive”. It is okay to feel things.
If you enjoy making music, if you are happy with and proud of what you do then I implore you to continue creating! if something brings you joy then don’t let other people who talk shit stop you. Now, I know that is easier said than done, believe me, I am very sensitive to criticism when it comes to my art. But at the end of the day you have to remember that your art is YOURS and yours alone. You should be proud of what you create and of the talent you have. There will ALWAYS be people who are better at something than us, but that shouldn’t stop us, if anything I think we should use that as fuel to become better ourselves, right? I am sorry this person said so many mean things to you, but I want you to know that you have sooooooo many more people who love you and support what you are doing, myself and this community included.

Hold Fast, dear friend.
Hannah Presley
HS Intern.

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Pfft. That message is 100% utter crap.

As an artist, I have had plenty of people tell me very similar things. I’ve also seen other very skilled and practiced artists lash out and degrade other growing artists.

The problem today in our creative worlds is that those who are very practiced and skilled look down on anyone else who may still be growing. You not being at their level yet doesn’t make them better than you or more skilled. They may be now, but that doesn’t mean later you won’t be just as skilled and practiced. We all work and learn at our own pace. Doesn’t mean you wont get there. Them not liking your style or sound also doesn’t mean that you’re bad just because they don’t like it.

This was extremely hurtful. Rather than saying you are weak and laughing in your face, if he felt that you were struggling with something, he should have kindly given you advice or tips on where to improve. That is how we grow.

I know in my art that I am nowhere as good as many of the artists I watch and talk to on a daily basis. Does this mean I am bad and should stop doing art and find something else to do? NO. Absolutely not. Because even if I do, I am still going to have to practice and learn THAT too.

You take your passion or what you do and you continue to grow and learn. You improve and continue to get better and better. There will always be someone out there who is better than us at what we do. That goes for everyone. And there are always going to be people who don’t like what you do and don’t appreciate it.

Do not be discouraged my friend. It’s okay to be sensitive. It hurts to hear stuff like that. But stay strong and keep doing what you do. There are people out there who will and do appreciate what you do. Do it for you and for them.

It’s okay for someone to gently give advice and tips where you struggle. But this, this isn’t okay. Too many people have given up on their dreams and passions due to statements like that.

But you don’t have to. Keep going my friend! <3

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Hey friend!

This is pretty complex, but ultimately - here is our response <3

Hold fast