My assault story

Anyone here who is a part of the Twitch community will know that there is a lot of stuff happening in terms of streamers being called out for using the platform as a way to meet new people, and sexually assault or harass them. I found out today I was a victim of that, and that my abuser was being enabled by one of my best friends at the time, who’s stream is where I met the guy… I wrote my story on an anonymous account for the person who is sharing the stories of women that were victimized by the people involved in my story… but, I don’t feel I need to be anonymous with HeartSupport, so here’s the link to my story for anyone who would like to read it… Please don’t feel alone in this guys. You aren’t. You’re loved. You matter. Your story matters.



I read your story. I certainly don’t have the right words but I wanted to thank you for sharing. It feels scary to share, but it’s also such a burden to hide in silence while carrying a story of sexual assault. I can’t express how grateful I am to you right now and how much I respect you. For being here, for saying what happened, but also for being you. You are a beautiful human with a giant heart. And what happened to you doesn’t change that.

I wish you never had to go through all of this. I wish sexual assaults weren’t part of our vocabulary.
But I am glad that you are now in a place where you can feel safe enough to share your story, to use your right to speak but also to exist.

Your words are inspiring to me. And with all the things going on these days, I cherish them as it brings some peace. So I’ll quote you back, just because it is true:

Please don’t feel alone in this guys. You aren’t. You’re loved. You matter. Your story matters.

Thank you for this kind reminder. And thank you for being you.
Love you.


Literally everything that Micro said. What a beautiful response and reminder of the true. You are good. Your heart is good. Your body is good. What people have done changes none of that. And with help, you can rebuild a sense of truth and security around those things, even when you don’t have full control over the past or what may come. Talk to you later today!


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