My aunt is not doing so good

I’m almost out of medication and be out on Monday, which always get me paranoid. This reason why I hate taking meds sometimes. I have so CBD just in case I need it. Also my aunt gotten more sick after having COVID-19. My mom was crying today while I was on break from work. I feel so bad for my mom, she has to deal with some much shit sometimes. Now my grandmother giving her hard to go away with the family for thanksgiving.

I feel a shity person, but I think really love my grandmother anymore. Let me explain, mon my took care of her all her life, while my uncle and aunt did not help as much or at all. Nothing my mom does is never not good enough, no matter how we try to please her. She think we not good people we don’t have same religious views, and just get told that we are selfish. We gave her so much, but she never anything fir any body. She only cares about herself. I’m tired my mom being used and abuse by her


Hey there, hope you’re feeling better.
I know times like these are tough and it gets even thougher when matters have some sort of relationship with your family. I have to say though, family is family no matter what. In the end there’s always some sort of connection or relationship of good memories you have among yourselves. I know sometimes it’s hard, but when you feel like giving up remember the good moments.
Hope it all goes well :slight_smile:

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

That’s tough - seeing your mom crying and witnessing this difficult relationship with your grandmother. It’s hard when people in the same family are divided or just when love doesn’t seem to be prioritized. I’ve known that kind of situation in my own family and I’m aware that holidays or celebrations like that tend to exacerbate those behaviors. Though I really hope that you’ll still manage to have a great celebration of Thanksgiving altogether. Without anyone adding more stress, more guilt or division… My thoughts also go to your aunt, who hopefully will feel a little better soon. This covid disease is such a piece of garbage.

Sending all the love to you and your family. I hope you’ll all find some peace as soon as possible. :hrtlegolove:

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