My balloons say i am not worthy of love care or su

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My balloons say : I am not worthy of love , care or support . That I am not beautiful , smart or anything special .i wish it would all go away but I I don’t know how because it’s so loud and constant .


I think maybe it is time to let go of the balloons that tell you not nice things about yourself. You might want to fill up a balloon with “I am valuable” bc you are a unique human being with your own talents and strengths. And another balloon with “I matter” because you really DO matter :heart:
Personally I never believed that either, until I got to know Kitboga who says that in each of his Youtube videos. The more I heard it the more I got convinced.
I truly hope you are able to replace some of the not so nice balloons with some better balloons. Please feel free to share with us on HeartSupport

@@HeartSupport thank you so very much for the kind words and affirmation and advice I will definitely try to keep that in mind and write different words on my balloons and will definitely check that out . Thanks again!

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