My battle has come to a end (tw:Sucide)

it’s time for my battle is come to the end but please know that I fought even when I couldn’t Im done fighting this anyone life must come to end im sorry I cant live like this anymore please make sure they don’t put my deadname on the funeral stuff and my family didnt cry over me I love yall Emerson signing off for the last time


please friend,
call a hotline if you’re in crisis!!

You are loved and we care deeply about your safety and mental health.
I’m sorry that you’re hurting, and that you can’t think of any other options…
but there is always some other way friend.

What is troubling you? please share it here, and let us help you with this. You are loved, just as you are, for who you are! Please stay, please talk to us.


No one can keep fighting forever, but you can stop fighting without ending your life. I don’t know what’s been going on for you, but it sounds like you’ve been struggling without a break. Sometimes a person needs a total break from everything, and shift thoughts toward something pleasant. Either that, or stop thinking about much of anything. Just veg out.

Talk to someone. Call a crisis line. Let go of your struggle until you can find a way to approach your challenges differently.

Don’t miss out on all the love you’ve yet to receive.

Stay in touch. Wings



Please stay, friend. Life doesn’t have to come to an end now. It doesn’t have to be a constant battle either. There’s another path, another way, in this very life, for you to rest, heal and find peace. Joy and peace are not out of reach for you, even if it feels so distant right now. We will all keep standing with you, rooting for you, supporting you. You are not alone. You don’t have to be alone, especially when your heart is so tired.

I want to keep seeing your name on chat, to keep having a silly laugh when I see you calling Dan “nugget”, to keep seeing this magnificent life you bring all around you, and to do my best, with so many others, to reflect it on you. You are so precious and a pure ray of joy. You matter. You belong.

This wave doesn’t have to swallow you. Breathe. Slow down. Reach out to crisis lines. But please stay safe. :hrtlegolove:


I truly hope you are still reading these comments of love and support for you, you are very important to so many people here but I want you do stay for you, I would like you to see the value in yourself because you really do have so very much. Your story isnt over… you are so loved. xxxx


Hey, you still here? It’s not time to give up yet, please get up and keep moving, your time is not out yet. We are here for you and we want you to know you are valued and loved. No one’s life should ever be given up on like that. It’s never too late, and your story isn’t over, @Mystoryisntover just like your username .-.

Try to think back to when you made that username and why. Try to remember that memory of you writing it as a reminder to yourself you aren’t going to give up.

Don’t follow the light just yet,



Thinking of you @Mystoryisntover. Love you friend. :hrtlegolove:


I OK ;( i Cry a little reading the messages


We’re glad you’re okay. How you holding up rn?

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