My birthday is coming up tomorrow

Well my birthday is coming up tomorrow I’m not really excited about it because it’s the same every year so what should make this year different on the 13th of may I went out with a girl I’m not going to say her name but after my birthday a month and two weeks later we broke up and to be honest it broke my heart every time my birthday comes up i think of her she was so beautiful and she still is I still have feelings for her but that’s not it tho none of the popular lads and girls I use to go school with Will wish me happy birthday tbh it’s just a birthday that’s come and goes that why I think my birthday will be shit excuse my french :sob::sob::sob::sob::frowning:


Well first of all happy early birthday :upside_down_face: also how comes she is the first thought that comes to your mind on your birthday? Your birthday should be about you not other people i mean you shouldn’t really care about the shit they do or dont say this day is alllll about you but if it means that much for some one to show you recognition then well. . .most of the time people don’t know how important birthdays are. And i can relate on a similar level to a break up cuz i recently broke up with my boyfriend and i miss all the memories we had together and the good times and i wish i could have that with some one else and i didn’t think i could find anyone but here we are and i did. My situation is different from your but can i also ask why it is so hard for you to get over your feeling for her? And also why she is the first thing that comes to mind on your birthday

Happy birthdayyy. <3

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Well because I can’t forget her face and also my birthday was when we got together and to be honest it kills me knowing that she’s in someone’s else’s arms and not mine

Well the best thing you can do rn is focus on your self dont focus on the relationship you had cuz it is always possible to find some one. Tbh i dont know if this is helping you and if it’s not im sorry. Also do you think you might just be upset about the fact you lost someone close at such a special time?

Also happy BIRTHDAYYYYY :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

It’s helping your helpful and yeah I think it does make
Me upset abit to be honest but that’s life for you

Thankyou Sandia are you an employee at heart support or are you an anxiety sufferer such as myself

I am suffering from depression and anxiety too i actually just recently joined cuz i needed some encouragement and i found its actually easier to other people then myself idk why

And yes that is life but as long as it gets better it might take a while but as long as it does then you will be fine

Happy Birthday!! My birthday is on the 20th of May but I feel the same way as you. Why is everyone always happy about their birthday? On my birthday just reminds me that now almost 17 years ago my biological mother could have prevented me from going through all of my pain that I am going through now. Every year she never sends me a card, calls or tries to see me. It really hurts knowing that she chose drugs over her first born, and her only daughter. But on another note, I understand how you feel when you say that you miss this girl and every year on your birthday it comesup. Its like that with my ex and the father of my child, everytime I go anywhere we went I breakdown crying and have an anxiety attack because he was my everything and then he left because of his family. What we both are experiencing is a traumatic relationship that has damaged us on the inside but it will take time and the RIGHT person to cure it. I have experienced isolation from dating and friends due to trust issues and scared of being abandoned again. If you have anymore questions oe concerns you can message me. I am studying mental health in college as an early graduate in highschool if you were conused about the age difference and college.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope this year was much better than the last ones.

Hi I’m so sorry to hear that I know it’s hard I wasn’t really happy about my birthday tbh it was ruined by a family member so that took the fun right out of it to be honest can we talk more do you have Instagram if so follow me jay40002

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ok i will do it later :blush:
thank you!!